Good Intentions

Draco Malfoy is misunderstood and his attitude is second nature to him. He was raised to believe in blood purity, wealth and power. He’s a confused youth being influenced by his fathers past and current deeds but his best friend (and secret love) brings out the best in him and helps to keep him in line. But what happens when Draco is soon forced to let her go?


14. The Eye Opener

Arabella's attention was immediately drawn to the floor as she felt her feet become wet. She furrowed her eyebrows as saw that she was stood in a large puddle of water but quickly looked up as she noticed figure's ahead of her. It was Harry, he had his back to her and his wand raised at Draco, who stood a little way ahead of him. Draco stood facing them both and his wand was also raised but he quickly lowered it, eyes wide, as he noticed Arabella peering out from behind Harry. Harry took this chance and Arabella's eyes widened as Harry raised his wand higher into the air.

"SECTUMSEMPRA!" Harry yelled quickly. Arabella gasped as Draco was immediately taken down by the spell and thrown backwards, out of eye shot. Harry spun around as he heard Arabella and his eyes widened as he saw her.

"DRACO!" Arabella screamed, pushing past Harry and running across the flooded floor until Draco came into sight. Draco lay on his back on the wet floor, crying with several large gashes across his chest. Arabella knelt at Draco's side, her breathing heavy as she looked at the gashes. She ran both hands through her hair in frustration, not knowing what she could do to help him. Arabella's heart ached as she sat beside a slowly dying Draco. She quickly turned to Harry. "What do I do, Harry? What do I do!?" She screamed. She was completely aware that the current events were Harry's fault but she believed he would help her, he wouldn't just leave Draco to die, would he? Arabella stared at Draco, her eyes beginning to fill with tears as Harry did not answer. He simply just stood before her, his eyes focused on Draco as he began to come to terms with what he had done. Arabella choked on her tears and turned away from Harry, looking back down to Draco. Lifting a shaky hand, she softly stroked his cheek, trying to comfort him as she could not do much else.

Suddenly, to Arabella's relief, Professor Snape appeared. He looked down to Draco and Arabella, his eyes wide as he glanced up and saw Harry. Professor Snape shook his head in disappointment, knowing that it had not been Arabella. Professor Snape swiftly moved his cape aside and knelt down beside Draco, puling out his wand. Arabella slipped her hand into Draco's as she  glanced behind her, her eyes fixed on Harry as he slowly backed out of the room. Anger boiled inside Arabella as she saw him do this but glanced back to Draco.

"Vulnera Sanentur..Vulnera Sanentur.." Snape chanted. Arabella leaned back a little and watched as Draco's wounds began to heal before her eyes. From that moment, she knew Draco would be okay. She quickly leaned forward, pressing a light kiss to Draco's forehead before scrambling to her feet, grabbing her wand and running from the boys bathroom and into the corridor. Arabella glared at the back of Harry's head as she saw him quickly making his way away from the bathroom. She quickly ran down the corridor after him.

"How could you!?" Arabella shouted as she caught up to Harry. Instead of using her wand, which she still held tightly in her hand, she jumped onto his back, knocking them both to the floor. Harry groaned and tried to hold Arabella back by grabbing onto her wrists as she tried to pick up her wand which had also fallen to the ground and out of her hand. Suddenly, Arabella felt herself being pulled off of Harry and held back by someone as they wrapped their arms around her waist. Arabella immediately knew it was Fred as she angrily watched George help Harry from the floor. Arabella struggled viciously in Fred's tight grip as she lashed out her hands, trying to get Harry.

"You tried to kill him!" She screamed as she continued to struggle, her blood boiling just at the sight of Harry, her friend. George glanced from Harry, to Arabella in utter confusion.

"What's she on about?" George asked, looking back to Harry. Harry didn't say a word, but he did not have to.

"He tried to kill Draco!" Arabella shouted. Fred and George stared at Harry in shock. They had never seen Arabella like this before and they knew that it would not be for no reason. They did not like Draco but they put up with him for Arabella's sake. Everyone knew that Harry didn't like Draco either but they would have never thought Harry would do something that drastic. Harry chewed his bottom lip before ripping his arm from George's grip and stalking off down the corridor.

"Stay with her." George ordered Fred before running after Harry, leaving Arabella and Fred alone in the middle of the corridor together. Fred hushed Arabella and turned her around in his arms, pulling her into a hug as she burst into tears. Fred sighed and wrapped his arms around her a little more tighty as she cried and rocked she back and forth swiftly, trying to comfort him.

"I couldn't help him.." Arabella cried as she buried her face in Fred's chest. "I didn't know how." Arabella said through her tears as Fred continued to hush and comfort her. "If Snape weren't there..he could have died.." She continued quietly. She sniffed. He could have died. The thought of Draco dying scared her. What would she do without Draco? They have been friends for years. He knew her better than she did. He'd always been there for her, he'd always cheered her up when she was sad. He had been there through her first break up, he always told her she was beautiful and he made her feel beautiful.

Arabella then found herself remembering when they had just got on the train to go to Hogwarts, how they had both fallen to the ground during the trains departure from the station. She remembered how he'd look at her. Come to think of it, he always seemed to lookk at her like that. Arabella smiled to herself through her tears as she remembered how quickly Draco had jumped from his seat when the black smoke had appeared. He had been ready to protect her within a matter of seconds. Or at least, she hoped he would have protected her, had the black smoke been concealing something threatening.

Why is it that she hoped he'd protect her? Why is it that she would always go to Draco, for anything? Arabella slowly stopped crying and lifted her head from Fred's chest as a look of realisation crossed her face. Arabella quickly used her sleeve to wipe away her tears before taking a few deep breaths.

She loved him.

And what’s more, he loved her too.

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