Good Intentions

Draco Malfoy is misunderstood and his attitude is second nature to him. He was raised to believe in blood purity, wealth and power. He’s a confused youth being influenced by his fathers past and current deeds but his best friend (and secret love) brings out the best in him and helps to keep him in line. But what happens when Draco is soon forced to let her go?


2. Pure And Innocent

Draco took his usual spot next to Arabella as Blaise and Goyle, made their way up the corridor and took a seat opposite Draco and Arabella. Blaise began messing around and soon Arabella and Goyle joined in. Whereas Draco stared off into space, thinking about what had just happened. Draco had often imagined falling asleep with Arabella and waking up with her there, lying in his arms. Arabella glanced towards Draco and noticed that he had gone off into one of his daydreams again. She had been quite worried about Draco, the year before Draco had seemed quite distant, as if something were troubling him and obviously this year would be no different.

“Draco, are you okay?” Arabella asked him, placing a hand on his shoulder. Draco glanced towards her, once against pulled out of his daydream and his eyes met hers. Her gorgeous eyes were full of concern as she hushed Blase and Goyle. “Draco?” Arabella probed as Draco had still not answered her question. Draco nodded quickly, somehow managing to pull his eyes away from hers.

“Yes, I’m fine. My head hurts a little from the fall earlier, that’s all.” Draco lied. Arabella nodded slightly, knowing that he had lied to her but said nothing. Instead, she lay her head on his shoulder with a sigh. Draco felt his face burn red slightly at her touch but she soon quickly lifted her head from his shoulder again, leaning up towards his ear, as if she were going to tell him a secret.

“Is it what your father said? Are you letting his words get to you again?” Arabella whispered, her light pink lips brushing against Draco’s ear. Draco felt tingles being sent down his spine and quickly shook his head. Arabella leaned back, chewing her bottom lip before sighing and nodding her head, finally giving up. She lay her head back onto Draco’s shoulder and sighed, closing her eyes. Draco sighed and glanced at Arabella, she was so innocent, so pure. Draco, on the other hand, was not innocent, nor pure. Draco had a job to do this year, an evil, dark job that he didn’t want to do but he had not choice in the matter. Although Arabella’s parents were Death Eaters as well as his own, Arabella had never had a certain job to do for the Dark Lord. In fact, the Dark Lord seemed quite fond of Arabella even though she wished to have nothing to do with what he was planning but because her parents were Death Eaters, she had no choice.

Fear struck Draco at the mere thought of his parents. His father had called him weak, made him feel weak and powerless. His father had always been the worst, he had always been fighting for power and had always tried to prove himself as the Dark Lord’s right hand man rather than his servant. Arabella knew nothing of the terrible task Draco was to perform this year at Hogwarts. And he was glad of that, he didn’t want her to know all the bad deeds he had done, all the bad deeds he was yet to perform. Arabella had always thought of Draco as he protector, the one she could go to day or night. The one who made her laugh and smile when she was at her worst, and that is exactly how Draco wanted it to stay.

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