Good Intentions

Draco Malfoy is misunderstood and his attitude is second nature to him. He was raised to believe in blood purity, wealth and power. He’s a confused youth being influenced by his fathers past and current deeds but his best friend (and secret love) brings out the best in him and helps to keep him in line. But what happens when Draco is soon forced to let her go?


3. Dangerous And Deathly

Screams and gasps echoed around the cabin as a gust of black smoke consumed everything and everyone, depriving them of their vision. That did not effect Draco and Blaise however, as they stood up straight away with their wands at the ready as Arabella coughed and tried to fan that smoke out of her face with her hand.

The smoke quickly began to fade, giving them their eyesight back. Draco looked around angrily as Blaise sat back down, realising there was nothing there. “What was that?” Draco thundered as fellow Slytherin’s coughed and fanned the smoke away.

“I don’t know..” Blaise answered, his voice trailing off as he glanced around with a look of confusion on his face. Arabella did not seem effected at all by the recent event and giggled, tugging at Draco’s hand.

“Draco, relax. It was probably just Fred and George doing god knows what.” She assured him, pulling Draco back down onto the seat next to her with a smile.

“Hogwarts, what a pathetic excuse for a school.” Blaise sighed with a smirk, earning chuckle from Draco.

“I think i’d pitch myself off the Astronomy Tower if I thought i’d have to continue for another two years.” Draco added, glancing out the window. Arabella’s eyebrows knotted together as she glanced to Draco in confusion.

“What? What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked, confusion and sadness filling her voice. Draco turned his head to look at her.

“Let’s just say I don’t think I see me wasting my time Charms class next year.” Draco answered. Arabella continued to look confused, whereas Blaise just chuckled. Draco’s head snapped towards him and glared at him. “Amused, Blaise?” We’ll see just whose laughing in the end.” Draco hissed, earning another confused look from Arabella but this time, she didn’t ask. She lay her head back onto Draco’s shoulder and looked out the window, her thoughts consuming her. Draco’s attention quickly snapped to the bag rail above them. He frowned as he saw his bag move a little but he said nothing and did nothing as he was pretty sure he knew who it was.

As the train pulled into the station, Arabella’s smile grew wider. She always loved Hogwarts. She loved the classes, the teachers, everything about Hogwarts. Everything. Arabella aways got a little jumpy out of excitement, which always made Draco smile. He loved getting off of the train with her because she’d always hold his hand and swing their hands back and forth wildly, but that wouldn’t happen this year as Draco had to get to the bottom of why his bag had moved earlier. In fact, Draco was pretty sure he knew who was up there spying on them all.

Arabella stood up quickly, grabbing her bags as the train emptied rather quickly. But Draco continued sitting down, causing Arabella to frowned. “Come on, Draco.” She called to him, a smile on her face as Blaise and Goyle stood either side of her.

“You three go on, I want to check something.” Draco dismissed. Arabella’s smile faded and guilt washed over Draco as she nodded and head off the train with Blaise and Goyle behind her. Draco waited until the train was completely empty before grabbing his bag, shutting the door and pulling all the window train blinds down so no one could see into the train.

“Didn’t mummy ever tell you it was rude to eavesdrop, Potter?” Draco taunted, turning away from the door and pointed his wand at the bag rails. “PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!” Draco thundered, freezing the figure and sending it crashing to the floor. Draco smirked and made his way towards the figure, reaching down and pulling off a cloak, revealing Harry. Draco smirked, he had been right.

“Oh yeah.” Draco ‘remembered’ with a chuckle. “She was dead before you could wipe the drool off your chin.” Draco added, glaring down at Harry before stamping on his face harshly and picking up the cloak. “That’s from my father. Enjoy your ride back to London.” Draco said coldly, covering Harry’s frozen body with the cloak. Draco then picked up his back, opened the train door and stepped off the train and onto the platform.

“What were you doing, Draco?” A familiar, soft voice asked from behind him. Draco turned to see Arabella and he smiled.

“Nothing.” He lied. Arabela nodded a little but it was obvious she didn’t buy it. “Where are Blaise and Goyle?” Draco asked, changing the subject.

“Blaise and Goyle went ahead. I wanted to wait for you.” Arabella explained. Draco smiled and nodded and began walking down the platform with Arabella by his side. She took his hand in hers and began swinging their hands back and forth, making Draco laugh. It felt like it would just be another normal, boring year at Hogwarts, but it wouldn’t. It was be dangerous and deathly.

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