Our Place

Its been a long year for Rebecca, she was diagnosed with depression in April and then, at the end of June, finds out her parents don't want anything to do with her. She was put up for adoption but her dads friend, Louise, decides she doesn't want a stranger to take her in, so she adopts her and takes her over to Lancashire where she stays a her country estate. unfortunately, Louise can't stay with her, so when she thinks shes on her own in a 25 bedroom house with over 85 acres of land, what will happen when a group of boys end up moving into the house as well?


2. The Reality.

Rebecca's POV


I couldn't believe it! One Direction were moving in with me! I was so happy but also confused. I thought they lived in London? I suppose i'll find out sooner or later anyway. We all just kind of stood there quiet for a minute until my phone rang.

"hey Niall... i'm fine thanks... I miss you too... tell Louis I say hi to.... ok..... i'll call you back later... ok bye.. love you to" Everyone looked at me for a moment until Louis broke the silence.

"those people have the same names as us" he said while nudging Niall.

"there not there real names there just names we gave each other, their real names are Maia and Natasha" I reply giggling.

"oh that's a shame" Niall said with a smirk "by the way, we're One Direction, but i'm guessing you know that" he adds. I nod smiling, it was a bit awkward for me to be in the same room as them with Louise smiling like the mad hatter.

"you have a great voice, we heard you singing before as we were bringing are things up the stairs" Liam says and I blush.

"thank you" I say looking at the floor. It was embarrassing to know they heard me, i'm not the best at singing. We all stood there, silent again for a minute, it was really uncomfortable, this was going to be hard living with them.

"i'm going to start cooking dinner, why don't you guys play twenty questions or something and get to know each other?" Louise says smiling and she gave me a wink. We all nod and sit in a circle on the floor, like it was our first day at school and we were all trying to make friends with each other, I could tell they didn't know what to say, neither did I.

"soo, Rebecca, where are you from?" Niall asks trying to start a conversation between the six of us.

"Birr, in Ireland" I think my accent had already given it away that i'm irish but when I said it, Niall smiled at me.

"do you have a middle name?" Liam asked, keeping the conversation going.

"yep, its Chloe" I say, a bit too sheepishly.

"are you nervous, love? Zayn asks with a smile and I just nod as they laugh.

"you don't need to be, were only human" Harry says with a wink and I blush.

"I know its just that I didn't expect to be living with One Direction" I reply, trying to sound more confident than before.

"that's ok love, so whats your family background?" Liam asked, sounding generally interested which makes me smile.

"well my mums side of the family all live in Ireland and my dads side of the family live in Northumberland, I have a brother, Connor, and my parents don't want anything to do with me so they put me up for adoption, Louise adopted me then decided that it would be better if I left Ireland to get away from my family even though shes not going to be living with me so now i'm here, and this is the first time i'm going to spend Christmas alone which i'm not looking forward to" I say as tears fill my eyes.

"sorry, I shouldn't of asked, but how come you spending Christmas alone? isn't Louise coming back here for you?" Liam asked.

"nope, my grandma offered for me to go and spend Christmas with her and the rest of my family but Louise said i'm not aloud to go on the train by myself, for someone who doesn't give a toss for me she can be a bit overprotective" I reply, wiping my tears.

"i'm sure she does care for you, at least a little bit, and i'm not going home for Christmas this year so you can spend it with me" Niall said with a smile as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and wiped my tears with his thumbs.

"thank you Niall that's really kind of you" I reply with a small smile as my tears start to dry. The boys all hugged me as we sat up on the sofa. we were just talking about random things about ourselves until dinner was ready. We all sat in the informal dining room to eat and we just had a laugh while we were eating our pasta and just had some fun. When we finished, Kate cleared all of our plates and we went into the cinema room and tried to decide on what film to watch. Louise had gone to bed since she was leaving in the morning and had a long day of  traveling. Eventually, we decided to watch paranormal activity three at Niall's suggestion and Liam protest. There wasn't enough room on the sofa for us all so Harry and Louis sat on the floor in front of us and snuggled into each other, talk about a bromance! Liam and Zayn were 'secretly' holding hands in the scary parts, I thought it was so cute how they didn't know we saw them and i was half sat on Niall's lap because it was a bit squished, and i could hide in his chest when i got scared, he was so warm and comforting that I fell asleep.


I woke up in the morning, still in Niall's arms. I tried to get up but he just tightened his grip around my waist.

"where do you think your going?" he says with a smirk on his face.

"for a shower" I reply as I wiggle away from his death hold. He looks at me and pouts, I just laugh.

"whats so funny?" he asks, pouting so more, and I laugh some more. He looked so funny.

"your face for one, and your hair" I say as I try to calm myself down and i head towards the door but then he runs up behind me and picks me up over his shoulder, Liam shouted down the stairs to us to shut up, but we just laughed as he carried me out of one of the many doors and he carried me around the back of one of the house and towards the swimming pool, I scream as he throws me in. Once I get to the surface, he holds his hand out for me to get out, obviously he wasn't thinking because i just tugged him in with me. We both started laughing hysterically then Louis came running out the house in his swimming trunks and he jumped into the pool to join us, soon after the rest of the boys joined us, apart from Zayn, who just sat in one of the deck chairs on the patio. after about an hour I get out so I can get changed out of my pink pyjamma shorts and whits tank top. I get changed into my white bikini and put some denim shorts on. I put my hair in a messy bun and head back outside and sit next to Zayn who is putting on some tanning lotion, he is very feminine at times.

"want some?" he offers but I shake my head no, I tan naturally anyway so i don't need it. "I know it might be weird asking this now but how old are you?"  Zayn laughs and I giggle a bit with him.

"i'm 15, 16 in February" I reply and his eyebrow shoots up.

"oh, I thought you were older than that" he says and it makes me blush and giggle.

"I get that a lot, it just makes it easier to get into clubs" I say with a wink and he smiles.

"Beccaaa, come back in the pool" Louis whines, I sigh and get up before i get in i take my shorts off and put them on my chair so they didn't get wet then i carefully slipped into the pool with the guys, we were just splashing around for a bit until we got a bit tired and went back inside to get dried off. I put on some shorts and a light pink flowy tank with my blue converse then head back down the stairs to find Niall and Zayn shouting at each other, I'm not sure what about but it sounds important.

"umm guys, whats going on?" I ask as they turned to me, obviously unaware I was there.

"nothing" Zayn mumbles as he walks up the stairs back to his room. I give Niall a look that ment 'tell me and tell me everything, now' he just sighed and took me into the kitchen and sat me down on one of the bar stools before explaining to me.

"Zayn said he really likes you and asked me to back off but I said I can't do that because I really like you too" Niall says quickly trying not to make eye contact, I just look at the floor and manage to squeeze out a sheepish "oh"

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