Our Place

Its been a long year for Rebecca, she was diagnosed with depression in April and then, at the end of June, finds out her parents don't want anything to do with her. She was put up for adoption but her dads friend, Louise, decides she doesn't want a stranger to take her in, so she adopts her and takes her over to Lancashire where she stays a her country estate. unfortunately, Louise can't stay with her, so when she thinks shes on her own in a 25 bedroom house with over 85 acres of land, what will happen when a group of boys end up moving into the house as well?


5. Summer Love.

Rebecca's POV


The next few weeks all planned out like that really, we would wake up each morning to breakfast that Harry had made, he is an amazing cook, then we would spend all day out in the gardens and woodlands just messing around and having fun, then me and Niall would spend and hour in Our Place, (the tree house) but the others don't know where it is yet and we would like to keep it that way, then every night we would all go in the pool, then hot tub and Niall would carry me up the stairs and i would ask him to stay with me inn my room. Around every two weeks, we'd have a day where it would rain so we all just stayed in and watched movies in the cinema room but again, Niall would carry me up the stairs and we would fall asleep in each others arms. Its the end of August now, and Liam had the idea that since tomorrow is the last proper day of summer, we should have a pool party and then tonight, have a BBQ and a campfire and, we all loved the idea! Louis and Zayn went about inviting people including there's and Liam's girlfriends while Harry and Liam sorted out all the food and they left me and Niall in charge of drinks, what a brilliant idea, leave the two irish people to deal with all the alcohol! we organised it all though and we have a huge order from Tesco's being delivered tomorrow morning so that we have time to set everything up. The boys made me promise that I wouldn't fangirl at any of there celebrity friends they have invited but promises are made to be broken ;)


We spent the rest of the day sorting things out for tomorrow and it was very stressful. Liam and Louis were really excited to see Dani and El again but Zayn didn't seem to happy about seeing Perrie, but I suppose that's his business not mine so I should stay out of it and I will, I just hope everything is ok. We did our usual thing and changed into our swimming costumes but today instead of getting in the pool we all just got in the hot tub because I think we all needed to relax a bit before tomorrow. We all go out and Niall carried me up the stairs into my room and as per usual, he lay down next to me and we fell asleep, we didn't even bother getting changed, or under the blankets!


The next morning, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry all came charging into my room and up the stairs and they all jumped on top of me and Niall. I slowly picked myself up from the bed while they were still all sitting on top of Niall and I went to my wardrobe, I picked out a tank top and a pair of floral denim shorts and headed down stairs.

"I'm just going for a shower, don't destroy any of my stuff!" I yell to the boys on my way out the door.

"we won't" Louis shouts back as I shut the door, I cant believe I just left them all in my room, with all my stuff. Oh well, they can pay for the damage. I had a quick shower and washed my hair, I got out and realized I had forgotten my hair brush, it doesn't really matter, its one of the perks of sharing a bathroom with Zayn, if you forget something then he usually has one of the things in there and he doesn't mind if you use them as long as he doesn't find out! I threw my hair up in a messy bun and got dressed then walked back to my room. As I walked in, I found Niall playing my guitar, Louis and Harry trying to figure out how to play a trumpet and Liam and Zayn were reading through some songs I had written.

"hey guys, having fun?" I say slightly annoyed.

"oh, hey Becca, can you show us how to play a trumpet, we can't figure it out" Louis says, smiling sweetly.

"sure" I say as I take my trumpet off him. "first of all you put the mouth piece in other wise it wont make a sound" I say as I insert my Denis Wick mouth piece then I play a scale, an arpegio, and a little tune. The boys just watch as I fiddle with the valves on my trumpet. When I finish playing my little improvisation, they all clap and I blush.

"I didn't know you played the trumpet" Niall says as he brings me in for a hug.

"I play other instruments to, its just that guitar and trumpet are the main instruments I play" I reply, still a little flushed.

"did you write all these songs too?" Liam asks looking up from the mountain of paper in his hands and I nod.

"they're all really good Becca, can you sing one for us?" Harry asks, also looking up from the paper in his hands.

"erm I suppose just pick one and i'll sing it" I reply looking at the floor. He hands me a piece of paper and I see its a song I wrote when I was 13, it was when my best friend tried to commit suicide and i was in a really low place. I take my guitar off Niall and I start to strum the chords, I haven't played this song in so long, then I start to sing.

By the end of it i'm tearing up because it brings back so many memories that I wish I didn't have. The boys all hug me and I explain why I was upset by the song and I see Niall, Liam and Louis crying while Harry and Zayn are trying to be manly and hold there tears in. After a minute I wipe my eyes and stand up.

"come on guys we can't just be sad and droopy all day we've got a party to sort out" I say trying to cheer them up. they all get up to and we walk down stairs to the mountains of shooping we ordered from Tesco's.

"we should probably get this sorted out" Harry says as he picks up a bag of shopping and starts to take it's contents out and spread it across the table, we all help with the other bags.


About an hour later, we are finished sorting out bits of food and drinks. we have about half an hour to get ready before the guests should start arriving so Zayn and I run upstairs to get ready. first we all get changed but Zayn said he didn't want the others to see what I was wearing until we were all ready, I have no idea why, but when I get back into my room I understand. There is a plain white plastic bag on the sofa with a yellow sticky note on it that says 'Enjoy, From Zaynie xox'

I open the bag to see a new white bikini, its strapless and has a gold ring holding it together at the center of my chest. there is also a light pink floral summer dress. It's so beautiful, I love it! I slipped into the bikini and made sure it fit alright, then slid my dress on over it then quietly, crept down to the bathroom I share with Zayn. He's stood in their doing his hair when I come in to do my hair and make up, he looks at me up and down then smiles.

"I think I guessed your size about right" he said with a smirk and I giggle while brushing on some foundation.

"thank you Zaynie, I do really like it" I say, smiling back at him. I put on some light blusher, water proof mascara and lip gloss before I do my hair, its pretty much straight but I curl it and leave it hanging around my shoulders.

"wait here and i'll make sure all the boys are down stairs, don't come out until I call you" he says with a cheeky grin.

"ok Zaynie poo" I reply laughing a bit at my new name for him and he rolls his eyes as he walks out the bathroom. I wait for about a minute before Zayn shouts for me and I make my way down the stairs, smiling when i get to the bottom and see all of their jaws drop, Zayn and I burst out laughing.

"catching flies are we?" I ask and my voice snaps them back into reality, they just smile and hug me.

"you look absolutely amazing" Niall whispers as he pulls me outside to meet Ed, who arrived minutes before.

"hey Ed, I want you to meet my girlfriend Becca" he says as we walk over to him.

"hello love, its lovely to meet you" Ed says as he shakes my hand.

"you too" I say, slightly nervous since I love Ed Sheeran, he's one of my favourite artists.


The party was simple and pleasant, there weren't loads of people here, but quite a few. we all just had some drinks, a bit of food and a right laugh! After about 2 hours or so, Louis felt the need to pull off his shirt, leaving him in just his swim shors, and he jumped in the pool and the other boys followed his lead, along with a few more people. I started talking to El, Louis' girlfriend and she is so sweet, her and Louis are perfect for each other. Later on, we had joined the boys in the pool as people started to leave. we were all still just messing around, splashing each other, until we finally got bored and got in the hot tub, it was so relaxing and we were just talking about what had happened over the summer, and what would happen next.

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