Our Place

Its been a long year for Rebecca, she was diagnosed with depression in April and then, at the end of June, finds out her parents don't want anything to do with her. She was put up for adoption but her dads friend, Louise, decides she doesn't want a stranger to take her in, so she adopts her and takes her over to Lancashire where she stays a her country estate. unfortunately, Louise can't stay with her, so when she thinks shes on her own in a 25 bedroom house with over 85 acres of land, what will happen when a group of boys end up moving into the house as well?


3. Decisions.

Rebecca's POV


I really don't know what to say other than 'oh'. They both like me? I really like them to but I only like Zayn as a friend and I think I like Niall more than that but i'm not sure yet. What should I do? Crush one of them or crush them both? Hold on a minute Zayn has a girlfriend! he can't just decide he likes me as well as loving her! looks like hes the one to get crushed then!

"I really like you to Niall" I say really quietly, half hoping he didn't hear me but he did.

"really, you do?!?" he answers with a look of shock on his face I nod my head then look up at him, as I do, he leans in. Wow his lips are soft and without even realizing it, i'm kissing him back. Just then I hear a door open and we both jump back, startled, then we see Zayn with a tear in his eye then he turns around and walks away, I get up and run after him.

"Zayn, wait" I say and he turns around to face me as he goes to walk up the stairs.

"why, what's so important that you need to leave him for me?!?" he says as a tear runs down his cheeks.

"i'm sorry" I say quietly as tears spill down my cheeks. "I've only known you guys for a day and already I've got you fighting" I say as I go to run past him and up the stairs but he grabs my wrist to stop me.

"Becca i'm sorry I shouldn't of snapped at you like that, I shouldn't of even told Niall to back off because I have a girlfriend" he says as he pulls me into a hug but I just stand there crying until he lets me go when i take the chance to run up the stairs to my room, I shut the door quickly and run up the stairs leading to my bed where I just flop down and sob into my pillow. About five minutes later there's a soft knock on my door and I just ignore it, then I hear the door open and someone comes in.

"are you in here, love" I hear Liam say as he walks into my room.

"i'm up here" I mumble into my pillow and I hear him walk up the stairs, then I feel the bed dip beside me.

"I brought you some hot chocolate" he says as I sit up and take the mug away from him.

"thank you" I whisper as I put it down on my bedside table then he pulls me in for a hug with his strong, warm arms.

"Niall told me what happened and i'm telling you now, its not your fault" he says still holding me.

"yes it is, I could of just stayed way from you guys but I didn't, it is all my fault" I say sobbing into his chest.

"so your telling me its your fault that your a smart, talented, beautiful, stunning girl that is just all in all likeable?" he giggles. I laugh with him and give him a tighter squeeze then before.

"thank you" I say almost wishing he won't let me go.

"what for?" he asks looking at me with confusion and curiosity in his eyes.

"for being like the older brother I never had" I reply, looking back at him.

"oh, well then you're very welcome" he answers with a huge smile on his face. We sit there for a minute just holding each other then he gets up and leave me sitting on he bed as he walks over o my poster of him on the wall I forgot I had, then he takes a sharpie from my bed side table and signs it, I smile and blush as he walks back over and plants a kiss on my forehead.

"i'm going to let you get some rest now, you're going to need it" he said winking.

"ok then, night leeyyuuumm" I say as he turns out my lights and eventually I fall fast asleep.

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