Our Place

Its been a long year for Rebecca, she was diagnosed with depression in April and then, at the end of June, finds out her parents don't want anything to do with her. She was put up for adoption but her dads friend, Louise, decides she doesn't want a stranger to take her in, so she adopts her and takes her over to Lancashire where she stays a her country estate. unfortunately, Louise can't stay with her, so when she thinks shes on her own in a 25 bedroom house with over 85 acres of land, what will happen when a group of boys end up moving into the house as well?


4. A New Family.

Rebecca's POV


I was happily sleeping until Louis decided I had slept in enough, well, it was 12:30. He came into my room and sat on my bed while poking and prodding me with a carrot, how original. Eventually, I came around and took the carrot off him, then hit him with it repetitively. He just laughed and told me to get up, so I did. It was windy and grey outside today, so I changed into some skinny jeans and a black tank top, I would put a hoodie on later. As I came down stairs, I was greeted with a hug from Liam and Harry, a kiss on the cheek from Niall which made me blush, a fake smile from Zayn, and Louis complaining because I have a bigger room than them. I just laughed at him.

"want some breakfast sleeping beauty?" Harry asked with a smirk as he took some muffins out of the oven.

"i'm ok with and apple thanks and if we're giving each other nick names, i'm definitely not sleeping beauty" I say, picking up an apple and pretending to throw it at him, the boys just laugh and Harry sticks his tounge out.

"well then what is your nick name?" he says trying to give me sass.

"Becca, its as simple as that. Oh and your new name is muffin man" I say with a smile and a giggle. The boys can't stop laughing, I have a feeling i'm going to enjoy living here, a lot!

"so what are our nick names then?" Liam asks with a look of curiosity and a bit of fear in his eyes.

"well Liam, you can just be dad or daddy, Louis can still be boobear, Niall can be cloudy and Zayn is just Zaynie" I reply and I have to say the look on their faces was priceless, I couldn't stop laughing.

"umm ok" Liam says trying not to smile. "why don't we all go for a walk" he asks trying to hide his amusement.

"ok daddy" me and the boys all say at once and we all break down into a fit of giggles, this was going to be fun living with them. I went upstairs and got my navy blue high tops and my light pink hoodie that has my initials (R.A) on the top right hand side in with thread and on the back also in white it says 'Soundcheck, Acadamy Of Song And Dance' I walked down the stairs and out my shoes on at the bottom then walked into the living room where everyone was waiting before I put my hoodie on.

"we all ready to go?" Liam asked looking at me as I tied my hair back into a high pony tail, I had already done my make up.

"I think so" I answered as I grabbed my phone off the counter and as i put it in my pocket it beeped so I took it out again, I smiled once I saw it was a text from my friend back in Ireland and replied quickly then put my phone back in my pocket as we stepped out the door. We started heading towards the trees, not on a path or anything just walking in any direction we felt like.

"you cold love?" Niall asked me as he saw me shivering, I nodded my head and he put one of his two hoodies on me, I smiled and grabbed his hand as we kept walking until Liam and Louis admitted they had gotten us lost.

"well done dumb and dumber" Harry said smirking at their new names.

"thank you dumbest" Louis replied and we watched Harry's cheeky smile turn into a frown.

"ok while you guys carry on bickering i'm going to walk home, feel free to follow" I say as I start heading towards the river.

"hang on, how do you know your way back?" Niall and Zayn asked, both confused.

"it's simple, you follow the river out of the trees and your basically back to where you started" I say still walking towards the river and I could hear the boys running to catch up with me, its only when Niall picks me up and keeps running I start to laugh since hes going the wrong way, I point him in the right direction and he goes off again. The nex thing we know Harry is carrying Louis and Zayn is carrying Liam while they try to catch up with us. After another minute of running, we get to the clearing and we can see the house. Niall puts me down and then sits on the floor.

"I think we won" he said with a cheeky grin.

"I didn't know it was a race, but get your lazy ass up, I want to show you something" I say while he pout at me."pleeeaasseeee" I add and he stands, I then drag him to the other side of the clearing into more trees, we walk for a minute until we get there.

"are we nearly there yet?" Niall whines, dragging his feet.

"yep were here" I reply as i start climbing up a tree, he watch's me for a minute, then follows me up to the tiny tree house half way up the tree. We both sit down and get our breath back from all the walking and climbing.

"this is a very beautiful place, Becca, i'm glad we're here alone" he said smiling and I blush.

"this is our place, Niall" I reply and lean my head on his shoulder. He turns his head to look at me and I look at him, then we share a sweet simple kiss, our lips moving in synch as the world just flies by and soon our gentle soft kiss turns into one of lust and passion as his tongue finds its way into my mouth. We pulled back after a good few minutes and decided to start walking back towards the house since it was getting late, we hadn't even realized how long we were out there, it had been hours!


When we got through the door, all the boys ran up hugging us asking us where we had been, we jut smiled and simply replied.

"our place" they looked at us confused but soon let it go.

"why didn't you bring your phone out with you Niall? we were so worried about you two!" Liam says with a look of relief.

"sorry, dad, I forgot to ick it up on my way out, plus Becca had her phone with her" Niall says and I nod with him.

"but none of us have Becca's phone number yet" He reply's and takes his phone out of his pocket and wiggles it.

"you do now" I say as i take his phone out of his hands and type my number in it, I then text it to all the boys and send myself a quick message so then I have Liam's, after that all the boys sent me a message so that I had there numbers to and I saved all of them in my contacts list and set them all a different ring tone.

"i'm going up to my room for a bit, see you guys after" I say as I start my hill climb up the stairs.

"me too" Niall says as he follows me, all the boy wolf whistle and laugh and when I turn around, Niall's got a nice blush going,

"you can come into my room for a bit if you want, I don't like being on my own" I say as we reach the top of the stairs,he nods and we walk through the door and Niall looks around, he seems very interested in my instruments in the corner of the room.

"umm just a question but where's your bed?" Niall asks and I point to the stairs and realization hits him, I take his hand and lead him up the steps. We didn't do anything, we just lay on he bed and kissed until Harry shouted.

"NIALL! BECCA! DINNERS READY!!!" he shouts and we walk down the stairs together, hand in hand.


After we ate, we went back upstairs, again in my room, and we carried on from where we left off.

"Becca?" Niall asks.

"yes, Niall?" I reply, gaping for breath.

"how far are you wanting to go?" he asked sounding unsure of what he wanted to hear.

"not any further then this, at least until I get to know you better" I say with a wink.


Another while later we're shouted down again, this time it was Louis. I walked down to the door, opened it and replied.

"what?" I shouted loud enough for him to hear.

"we're all going swimming, do you and Niall want to come?" he replied

"I will, not sure about Niall, be down in a minute" I shout back to him. "you hear that?" I ask Niall who is still on my bed.

"sure, why not, who doesn't want to go swimming in an outdoor pool in the middle of a freezing night" he replied, smiling.

I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out my pink leopard print bikini, Niall just watched me, I turned the light to my wardrobe on and stepped inside, as I shut the door, I heard Niall whimper and I giggled. I changed quickly and stepped out to see Niall still there only this time, in his swimming trunks. He held his hand out and I accepted it. He pulled me in close.

"be mine?" he whispered into my hair and I blushed.

"of course, just please don't hurt me" I whisper back as a tear threatens to fall.

"why would I ever hurt you? sh don't cry I won't hurt you I promise, I'm not like some pricks in the world" he says as he wipes my tears with his thumbs and smiles at me, I smile back. We walk down the stairs to see everyone waiting and smiling.

"we all knew it would happen" Louis says grinning like the joker and me and Niall both blush as we head outside.

"your looking very nice tonight by the way" Niall whispers and I blush through my smile and look at the floor.

"thank you, your not looking to bad yourself" I say winking at him. All the boys jump in apart from Zayn who just its on the side and dangles his feet in while me and Niall go and sit in the hot tub. He slides in next to me and put his arm around he back of my waist pulling me in closer as the bubbles start and the water heats up. we just sit there talking about different things until the bots start getting out of the pool and head over to us, they all climb in and join in our conversation. We were out there for hours and didn't even notice it, we only came back into the house at around 3:30 AM. After a good soak in the hot tub and a few drinks, I was knackered, Niall ended up carrying me to bed and just as he was about to leave, I grabbed his hand.

"don't leave me, Niall, please" I said quietly and pulled him back towards the bed. He lay down next to me and wrapped his arms around me as we both drifted of to sleep.

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