One Draculation

A girl called Dymond has an incredible secret she's forbidden to tell anyone about. But does it get out of hand when she meets the Five boys of her dream who also hold an extrodinarry surprise?! This is best to be read at Halloween. Age rating 12


1. Transfo-Oh hello One Direction!

It was a full moon. Dymond Claw was forced to go to a Birthday Party. She didn't want to go as it was the last full moon where she didn't change. She was partying hard with her friends as her ex Harry Foster barged past her "Hey! Watch where you're going ya son of a bitch!"Dymond shouted as she was burning up inside and her mood naills turned black, Furious, "Okay! No need to get so pissed you little brat!" he snapped "Right that's it coME HERE!!!" Dymond hissed as her naills started growing longer and her eyes started turning yellow. When she noticed her naills turning to claws as she scratched his arm, she ran. She ran faster than she ever had before as she ended up running on all Fours through the woods. She got home "Dad, I nearly transformed.".The next week, Dymond auditioned for Brittan's Got Talent. What she didn't know was that One Direction were watching. Simon:Who are you and what are you gonna do? Dymond:I'm Dymond Claw, 14, I'm going to sing DNA. As she sang DNA, she looked into the Camera, her eyes began to change and she ran of stage. The next morning she got a Call saying she got through, and a Tweet from @Harry_Styles and @NiallOficial saying how much they loved her singing.****Harry's P.O.V****There's something about Dymond that makes her. . . Different, in away. The way she ran of the stage. Creatures like me can tell when someone is NOT a human.****Niall's P.O.V****She was beautiful. Her voice was like an angels. Why did she run of stage? It's not that bad once you got star-Hang on, play that again. . . . . . Her eyes. . . They, changed. A-and her naills. They were shorter than that when she started. Huh, she's. . . Oh god.****back to the author****Dymond was so exited she was jumping all over her room! Then she got a new Tweet from Harry."@Harry_Styles:@Dymond_Claw We need to talk, there's something about you that makes you. . . .Different.x" then shortly followed by a tweet from Niall "@NiallOficial:Dymond_Claw I know what you're going through, I saw your eyes. I need to tell you something." Three days later Dymond was asked at school to sing, so she sang Moments. Then, just as she sang Harry's second part, Harry joined in as She slowly turned around still singing but with a gobsmacked face on. When they finished, Dymond stammered "Oh my-wha-why-how did you-" Harry interrupted her by pulling her into the disabled toilets, Niall joined. "Dymond we need to talk." Harry breathed "We know what you're going through!" Niall continued "Then tell me Niall! What am I going through the-" "Your first transformation."
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