One Draculation

A girl called Dymond has an incredible secret she's forbidden to tell anyone about. But does it get out of hand when she meets the Five boys of her dream who also hold an extrodinarry surprise?! This is best to be read at Halloween. Age rating 12


2. don't tell a LIVING Soul.

"How do you know?" Dymond asked Niall. "Because. . . Because. . . Because I'm One Two!" The room was silent for a minute, Harry broke the silence "Dymond? Just to make this harder for you, I'm not a WolfBlood, I', a. . . A. . . A. . . Vaammppire." Dymond was stunned. She just stood there anyone could mistake her for a stachue. "Prove it! Niall, Harry? Show me your Fangs!" they were old enough to control their powers. Niall just stared deep into Dymond's eyes as his eyes slowly turned yellow. Dymond just jumped back and nearly fell but the wall broke her fall. Then Harry walked up to her and smiled, showing his amazing white fangs each about an inch long, his eyes were bright, blood like red. "Dymond, I want to be the one who shows you how to control your powers. You need to learn." Harry found a small window in the disabled bathroom they were hiding in and opened it. "Come on, we can clime out here! You can't stay here Dymond!" Dymond didn't regret running away from school. Harry, Niall and Dymond ran as fast as they possibly could back to One Direction's place. They lived in an enormous Mansion. We sat in the living room. "Dymond you need to know something about us Five. I'm a WolfBlood." Niall said "I'm a Vampire along with Liam." Harry said in his deap manly voice. "I. . . I'm dark. And Zayn's the only Human round here!" Louis said walking into the room. "Swear you won't tell anyone Dymond!" Harry pleaded. "I swear I won't tell a LIVING soul!" Dymond drew a cross over her heart. ****Niall's P.O.V****She's amazing. I could teach her so much. Her eyes, her claws, her hair, her everything! I see why the called her Dymond! ****Harry's P.O.V****Woah, she is perfect. I could bite her on the neck right now. But she'll probably go with Niall as he is most like her! Uuhh.****back to author****As they got to know each other, Harry and Niall fell for Dymond more and more. In Two nights time ,Dymond will have her first transformation. It was getting late so the boys all went to bed. Dymond couldn't sleep, Niall heard her tossing and turning so he came in. "You nervous? I was." He said as he huged her from behind. Dymond felt safe there as she drifted of to sleep in his arms. ****Note from Author**** Hello! Brittan's Got Talent won't be in the rest of this story, I didn't know how else Harry and Niall were gonna find out about her! Thanks for reading! Chapter 3 should be up soon!x
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