The Time Will Come.

I am Jonathan Ross and I'm a 16 year old boy. I'm living in a time when they kill the Jews and all the other minorities. I don't want to die. I'm too young for it!
But once they get to know my secret, they'll come for me. They'll come and take me away.
Soon, the time will come.
*For the 'Historical Fiction' competition*


1. Chapter 1

Gun shots.

 That’s all I can hear. They’re killing people but father says they are just shooting ducks. I know he’s lying because no one shoots ducks in the middle of the night. I overheard him while he was talking to George, his friend. He said that soon they’ll take away all the Jews and they’ll kill them. The thought of dying frightens me. I don’t want them to die.

These people are heartless. They don’t even spare little kids.

 I am Jonathan and I am 16 years old. I’ve heard someone named ‘Hitler’ has taken over the entire Deutschland and he will kill everyone except the true Germans.  I am a German, a true one but he will kill me too. I have a secret that only my father knows. He too knows that my death is near. Soon those men in uniform will come for me.

You see, I am a normal boy living a normal life. I go to school, I have friends and I like my life the way it is. Two or three years ago I realized something was different with me. Not a good different, but a bad one.

I realized I liked boys as well as girls.

This happened one day. I was as usual playing with my male friends when a new boy, whom I figured to be the same age as me, came to play with us. His name was Nicolas.

Of course we allowed him to play with us.

Soon, he became our good friend and he used to play with us everyday. After sometime I found the both of us becoming best friends. I told him all of my secrets and he told me his. We were inseparable and both of us spend every minute we had together. He was just a like a brother to me.

But then my life came to a turning point when Nicolas told me his biggest secret. The one which was mine too but I never actually realized it.

“I like boys Jonathan.” Nicolas said in a serious tone.

“What?” I asked utterly shocked.

“I don’t like girls that way. I like boys. All this time I had to hide this truth because I think I’m falling for you. I love you Jonathan.” Nicolas said, not averting his gaze.

“Don’t come near me!” With that I rushed out of the door. I needed fresh air and I’m sure Nicolas did too.

I had never heard this kind of thing. Never in my life. I’ve always liked girls, haven’t I? I liked Margaret and she was a girl. But why does it feel so different when I’m with Nicolas?

Am I like him too?

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