friends or more (one direction fan-fic)


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*Flash Back* Grace's P.O.V

My dad was helping me into the car as we were leaving the hospital. I was in a car crash and my mum died. He blames me for what happened and I can tell I was the one driving. The drive home was quiet. My plan was that I’m not gonna talk to anyone or eat, I don't deserve to live.

*Flash Back over*

2 months later graces P.O.V

My dad was getting worried I wouldn’t talk to him or any of my friends I wouldn’t eat either. I was looking pailer every day I was as skinny as a stick to. That night before I went to bed my dad came in my room and he was talking to someone then I fell asleep.

My dads P.O.V

That night 2 months after the accident I went into graces room and she was as pale as snow before she fell asleep she saw me talking on the phone it was her best friend niall yes the niall horan from one direction they met at a concert when she was 14  there the same age and they kept in contact I knew she  liked him. We were talking for a while about the accident and the lads and niall were going to arrive tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow  graces P.O.V

 When I woke up I heard chatting so I just stayed in my room then all of a sudden my door creaked open. I saw a blue eyed blonde looking around it was niall I missed him so much I haven’t spoken to him for ages, he came in and sat on my bed I really wanted to talk to him but I was getting so sick and weak that I didn’t have the energy any more, that if I tried to talk I just couldn’t niall noticed and left then came back with a bagel in hand he gave it to me, and I ate it I felt so much better but I still didn’t have the energy to talk.

1 week later

A couple of days ago I finally mustered enough energy to talk, I talked to niall about what happened and he felt sorry for me and I realised that I have something to live for.


G: hey niall can I talk to you?

N: sure what about? Wait your talking finally!!

G: just about stuff and yeah I’m happy I can talk now

*walk towards couch and sit down*

N: so?

G: well I’m gonna explain myself so after the accident I could tell that dad blamed me for what happened and I stopped talking to him and my friends and I stopped eating I’m sorry

N: oh grace your father doesn’t blame you he was so worried about you it wasn’t funny so was I and its ok I’ll go get your dad

*niall walks to get graces dad*

D: hey grace

G: hey dad I’m sorry for not talking to you and not eating I just thought that you blamed me

D: oh grace I would never blame you for what happened I’m sorry if you felt that way

*they hug each other and go on to do their own things*

Convo over


Sorry if it’s bad I only just came up with the idea and it’s my first movella on this account so enjoy and go read my other movellas this is the account *    winter959:-)    * thx and enjoy 


and a little competion for all of you ok so i need help choosing a different title for the movella or just comment if you like the title already or suggest titles thx it means alot xx :) <3

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