Speak Up

A poem based on a young girls school life. She puts up with everything for so long before she decides to SPEAK UP!


1. Speak Up

I walked to school

Drenched by the heavy rain

Crying to myself, I didnt want to face it all again

Face the laughing and the pointing

Smirks and whispers to

The pinching and the shoving

Who would want to cause so much pain?



Take a seat, head down dont get eye contact

Because that's what makes them attack

So dont say anything and they might ignore you

If you dont say anything they might get bored of you

Off to asembley, Getting shoved down the stairs

You already know nobody cares


The teachers voice goes on

But your to paranoid to listen

You wait for it to be over

But it takes soo long...

The bell starts ringing loudly

This is the worst bit, Dont cry like a baby


As you make your way outside

Someone pushes you aside

Your glasses fall to the ground

But they are already found

Screams of laughter as they all try them on

Four eyes! Four eyes! They sing it like a song


You are to shocked to speak

And you can hardly see

And you know even if you beg them,They wont take any pity

It seems like hours before they get bored and throw them on the floor

You stumble around looking,Searching

You just cant take it anymore...


You run home, You skip school

You have never done this before

Your heart is in your throat and your shaking like a leaf 

But you know you have to do this

You know you cant just leave

In you go quickly phone your mum!


"What's wrong sweetheart?"

You dont know how to start

Because its been happening for so long

But...As you speak down the phone

You are suprised to feel like you are not alone

And it feels great to be home


"Wait there" Your mum says

"Im coming back,We have to put a stop to this"

Whats this? You wonder

Well this is bullying , NO matter what anyone may say

Bullying is anything which hurts someone in someway


Now two years later you are glad you spoke up

For yourself and for everyone who have had enough

You moved school, A fresh start nervous as you were

You were stronger than before

You made great friends you liked you for you

And all your dreams came true!


To feel important , To feel loved

To feel like you have been given a thousand hugs

You still have some scars , But they will heal over time

You now have the courage to speak your mind

So for all the people who have been bullied and have had enough

You know its never to late to...SPEAK UP!















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