One Week

You know that feeling when you love someone so much that every second that you spend away from them is tearing you apart. I realized that that feeling is only multiplied when you realize that they are never coming back.


8. Time to Hear about Jace

Zayn's POV

Wow it has been 20 years since Jace and Kennedy died. It was the anneversairy of his death I looked at the pictures I had of him. Katherine died 4 years ago and I promised myself to stay strong for my daughter. Every time I still cry. I stumbled upon the letters. I read mine over and started to sob. My 20 year old daughter came running in.

"Dad what's wrong?" She asked. She was getting married next week. Her fiance came in and helped me up I grabbed the three letters.

"Kennedy I want to tell you about someone your mum and I loved very much. Jack you need to hear this story too. Okay 9 months before you were born you older brother Jace died. I loved him very much but when he was small I left him and his mother. He wanted answers and he and his mother found me. I used to be in a band and we were world famous. I met your mum through your Uncle Liam. Liam lived with me and Jace and Katherine came to stay for a month. I fell back in love with your mom oh who am I kidding I never stopped. Jace met Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was your older sister. They fell madly in love. Kennedy died of cancer after a month of meeting Jace. When he found out she only had a week he married her. They were 16. He never left her side. On her last day she asked him to sing to her. The last thing she said was I love you before dying in his arms. He sobbed cried screamed. He refused to let her go.

" The next day your cousin Darcy found him. She was only 5. He had killed himself. I remember how cold he was and how his hair had lost its glow. I was pried away from him. He left a stack of letters. He died 20 years ago today. I just found the one he wrote your mum and I. I also found some that he wrote to you and to Kennedy and Jack one to you. Please read them." I said. Kennedy opened the first letter that was written to the other Kennedy.

Dear My Beautiful Perfect Wife,

Kennedy I will never tire of saying that. I love you so much. I wish you didn't have to go. You are my everything. Remember our first date when I was still in my brace and cast. We went to the beach. I got sad in the brace. You opened it to get everything out. That was our little secret. Remember when your dad told you to stop undressing me with your eyes and for me to stop checking you out. It was really funny. Your dad has always been so supportive. I still don't know if he is mad at me for this. 

Please don't be mad at me. I love you. I need you. Darcy crawled into bed with me last night. I had just told her that you passed. She cried her little eyes out. Your dad is currently smashing things in the kitchen crying his eyes out. I think he got into the drink. Louis and El loved you so much possibly more than me. Wait no that's not possible. Kennedy I love you so much that the word love doesn't even begin to describe it. I never want to be with out you. For now I have to say goodbye to you and the others. I plan on saying hello real soon. I love you.

Your Loving Husband


Kennedy read it out loud. Tears streamed down our faces. Jack was crying as well. Louis and I decided to name our kids after the young couple. Jacks middle name was Xavier like Jace's. My daughter opened up her letter.

Dear my little brother or sister,

Okay I have a feeling that you are a girl. It's kinda weird I know but still. I want to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you had no one to show you the way of life that you have to figure it out on it's own. I want you to realize that I had to go. God didn't plan it I did. Once you fall hopelessly in love you will under stand. Don't go throwing your heart to someone. Keep it close and boarded up. Once someone finds it a takes it then you will know they are worth it. Even though we never knew each other I still love you. Please make the right choices in life.


Jack held Kennedy before he read his.

Dear Who ever has their heart,

Don't play with it. Keep it safe. Keep them safe. All I can really say is love them, don't give up if you think its over. Fight for love and all it's worth.


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