One Week

You know that feeling when you love someone so much that every second that you spend away from them is tearing you apart. I realized that that feeling is only multiplied when you realize that they are never coming back.


5. Sick

1 month later


I woke up in bed without Kennedy. I got up and had a terrible feeling. "Ken?" I called no one answered me. I walked around the house calling her name. I opened up the bathroom door and saw her body lying on the ground. I picked her up and screamed for help. 

"Kennedy please baby wake up. Please. I love you." I cried. Louis called 911 and El was crying into Niall's chest. Mom and Dad were crying. Darcy was really confused. She came up to me. 

"Boo why won't Kenny wake up?" She asked. Tears streamed down my face. "Because she is really tired sweety." I told her. She nodded. "Why are you crying then?" She asked. "I really want her to wake up Darcy we all do." I said holding the little girl. Liam was holding a crying Danielle. Harry was comforting Louis. The medics came in and took her away. I got into the car with Darcy in the back and Harry beside her and Louis in the front in the passenger seat. I started the car and drove to the hospital. 

"Lou she will be fine." I said.

"No she won't Jace. I know what it is. It's cancer. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer 3 months ago. We tried chemo and surgery but the cancer had already attacked her lymph nodes  She had 35 out of 40 that had cancer out of the several blood tests. They gave her a few months. I told her to tell you. She didn't want you to be sad. She loves you so much. Jace don't let her go through this alone. My little girl is dying before she is 20." He sobbed. I was in shock. I got to the hospital and we found her room I walked in. I kissed her. She smiled. He brown hair was lifeless and her sea green eyes had lost their sparkle.

"How long?" I asked. She froze. Tears poured out of her eyes. She sobbed into my chest, I held her tightly. "A week. I don't want to died Jace. I love you."She cried. I kissed her. I stood up and ran to the nearest jewelry store and bought some rings. I ran back. 

"What the hell I asked you not to leave her and you did!" Louis yelled.

"I left to get these." I showed him the rings. "I knew since I first met her I wanted to marry her. We talked about it. I'm going to propose right now." I said he smiled. I walked in and she smiled as I walked in. I asked to be alone with her. I knelt down on one knee. And pulled the box out of my pocket. "Kennedy Jade Tomlinson would you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Malik?" I asked she cried. "Yes. A million times yes." She said I stood up and kissed her. I slipped the ring on. We spent the day arranging the wedding. I Stayed by her side. the whole time. 


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