One Week

You know that feeling when you love someone so much that every second that you spend away from them is tearing you apart. I realized that that feeling is only multiplied when you realize that they are never coming back.


3. Safe

Zayn walked in. I followed him. He motioned me to check the living room while he took the kitchen. I suddenly felt something hit my leg I went crashing down. A man stood over me. He held a knife. He went to stab me but I moved. I quickly picked up the bat and stood up. Adrenaline rushed through my veins. I swung. I hit him in the side. He flew into the glass table. I ran to the kitchen to see Zayn being choked with a chain by another guy. He was struggling for air his face turning a different color. Soon the man saw me and threw Zayn down. He struggled to get up. He was coughing and gasping for air. I was grabbed by someone else.They threw the bat across the room. I struggled in his grip. I thrashed and kicked. 

"Where is she?" He asked. 

"Fuck off." I spat. He chuckled. He punched me. I grunted as his fist mad contact with my stomach.

"Where is she? She was fit." He said. 

"I will fucking kill you. You sick bastard." Screamed. He hit me a few more times. He walked over to Zayn who was still weak. He pulled him up. 

"He doesn't know where she is. Let him go." Zayn said. I was tied to a chair. One of the guys grabbed the bat. "Okay then tell us where she is, of we will kill you." He said. Zayn laughed.

"Go ahead kill me. I am the only one who knows. So go ahead strangle me, beat me, cut me, I don't care. I won't tell you." He said. The man swung the bat at me. It hit me in the ribs. I screamed. I fell back ward and started to cough. Soon I felt a salty liquid fill my mouth. I began to choke. Then I realized I was drowning in my own blood. I was pulled up and the blood flowed out of my mouth. I could finally breathe. The front door burst open and police filled the house. I was untied. I ran upstairs before the medics could get me. I ran into Zayn's room and lifted the bottom of the closet and pulled my mom out. She cried into my shoulder. I carried her down stairs. Liam took her. Zayn came back to take me to the ambulance. I took one step and everything went black all I heard was screaming.

Katherine's POV

"JACE!" I screamed as he collapsed. Zayn caught him and started screaming for help. The medics ran over and put him on a stretcher. They loaded him onto an ambulance  The medics pushed Zayn back. "Sir you can't be here." One said to him. "But he is my son!" Zayn cried. Tears flowed down his cheeks. They shut the doors. Zayn, Louis, Eleanor, and Kennedy(Louis' daughter) got into Zayn's car. I got into Liam's with Harry and his little girl Darcy. His wife Shannon couldn't make it home for the trip. Liam sped to the hospital. "Daddy who was the boy put into the truck?" Darcy asked. 

"That's your cousin. His name is Jace. He is american." Harry told her. I cried. My baby was in the hospital. When he picked me out of the crawl space he was covered in blood. Zayn was four different shades of black blue and purple. He was 35 now but he looked 25. Niall called and we told him what happened. He said he would meet us at the hospital. We drove up to the building. I got out and ran up to the receptionist. She told me he was in surgery and to wait. I sat down and Zayn pulled me into his arms. I sobbed into his shoulder. "I'm so sorry. I'm so so so sorry. I should have tried harder." He cried. I looked up and noticed the black chain shaped bruise on his neck. He had hand print bruises lacing up his arms. "My little boy. I just got him back. Oh god this is all my fault." He cried. I held him tighter. "Zayn no it isn't. Shh   he will be fine. He is strong." I said. Hot salty tears ran down my face. Niall ran into the waiting room. "How is he?" He asked. "We don't know yet." I said. He hugged Zayn and I. He and Zayn still had a major bromance. Zayn sobbed violently into Niall's shoulder. Louis being Louis spoke up. "AWE #ZAILL MOMENT!" He yelled. Eleanor and Kennedy slapped his arms. He let out a 'Ow' and Niall and Zayn laughed a little. Louis could always make people laugh. Eleanor came up to me. She hugged me. Tears still flowed down my cheeks. A doctor came up to us. "Anyone here for Mr. Jace Malik?" He asked we all stood up. He said only immediate family members Zayn and I followed him down the hall way. He stopped in front of a room. 

"Okay so Jace has suffered extreme trauma to the left side of his rib cage. Parts of his sternum were cracked. His Radius and Ulna were shattered on his left arm towards the wrist area. Several ligaments in his Clavicle and Scapula are severealy pulled. He also suffered from a fractured jaw and a minor fracture in his skull. The worst was his massive internal bleeding. One of his ribs pierced his stomach, and left lung." The doctor told us. I cried into Zayn. 

"Is going to be alright?" Zayn asked. 

"Yes. In about 6 weeks he should be back to normal. He is a very lucky boy. But what happened?" The doctor asked. While opening his folder and clicking his pen.

"Our home was broken into and we went in and he saved his mum. They hit him for answers but he just laughed at them. At that point I was being choked with a chain." Zayn explained. He wrote his notes down then let us into the room. Jace was fast asleep. His face was half blue black and purple. One arm was in a cast and he had a massive brace on. Soon everyone came into the room. Jace slowly woke up. He noticed everyone crying. 

"Who died?" He asked. We all smiled through tears. We all started to talk. "Zayn next time don't be such a- Harry cover Darcy's ears. - cocky bastard. God you would have rather died. Stupid bitch. What if they did kill you. I need you dad." He said. Zayn started to cry again. They hugged. Jace cried into his shoulder. "I won't ever leave you again." Zayn said. Kennedy came back in with coffee and doughnuts. She passed them all out. We all started to talk. Kennedy and Jace kept staring at each other. It was really cute. Louis and I both noticed. Louis had a mischievous grin on his face. I raised an eye brow. "Jace! Stop checking out my daughter! I don't want you to even look at her. And Kennedy stop undressing him with your eyes don't make me lock you in your room!" He exclaimed they both went beet red. "L-L-Louis.. um Sir. uh I  wasn't Uh" Jace stuttered tripping over his words. "DAD! SHUT UP!" Kennedy yelled. Everyone laughed. "Oh relax. You kids are so up tight these days. Gosh. I was kidding. But seriously, wait til we are outta the room I don't want to witness the intense eye sex!" Louis said laughing. Jace and Kennedy turned a even darker shade of red. Eleanor slapped Louis on the back of the head. Louis shut up immediatly. 

I made a whipped noise and everyone laughed. Louis turned bright red and El held her head proudly. 

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