One Week

You know that feeling when you love someone so much that every second that you spend away from them is tearing you apart. I realized that that feeling is only multiplied when you realize that they are never coming back.


4. Healed

Jace's POV

It has been 6 weeks since the incident  Kennedy and I are now secretly dating. I woke up and slipped on some sweats and a jacket. Kennedy came into my room. "Hey babe." I said while pecking her lips. She grabbed my muscle shirt. "Hey. So today is the day." She said I nodded. "Yeah it is. Are we going to tell them?" I asked. She smiled. "If you want to. Lets hurry. I want that brace and casts off of you so I can screw you." She said. I laughed. "Please you find me damn sexy in my brace." I said. She hit me playfully. 

We got to the hospital. My mum and dad plus Liam and Dani were there with us. "Jace you can have one person with you only." The doctor said. I looked at Kennedy she nodded and we walked together to the room. They took the cast of along with the brace. "Okay your should hasn't healed properly. I have to reset your joint, by dislocating and relocating it." I nodded and he set up a machine. He strapped my arm into it. "I love you baby." Kennedy said. The doctor turned it on. It slowly pulled my shoulder apart. I winced in pain. Then the machine jolted and a giant pop echoed with my screams in the room. Hot salty tears flowed down my cheeks. Kennedy kissed me. "Half way there babe. Half way. You are doing so well. I love you so much." She said in between kisses. The doctor set up a few more parts of the machine. He turned it on. It twisted my arm back and pulled it out straightening it. Felt it hover over its place. Then it slammed in to the socket. I let out another scream. Sweat lined my brow and beaded on my bare chest. I was breathing heavily. I was unhooked from the machine and was soon told to go home and get some rest. Kennedy held onto my hand tightly. I kissed her cheek as we left the room. We all continued small talk till we got home. 

We sat down for dinner. "Uh everyone Kennedy and I need to say something. Well we have been keeping something a secret for about 5 weeks now and I just want to say we are now dating." I said. Everyone told us that they were happy for us. I kissed her and Darcy covered her eyes and screamed cooties. 

"That's right Dar boys have cooties so stay away." Harry said we all laughed. My mum and dad were now dating again. Everything was turning out perfectly. I loved Kennedy I had 4 new uncle's my dad was back in my life well that's what I thought. 

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