One Week

You know that feeling when you love someone so much that every second that you spend away from them is tearing you apart. I realized that that feeling is only multiplied when you realize that they are never coming back.


2. Bradford

"Jace wake up we are here!" I said nudging my son awake. He opened his eyes. He rubbed them. He slid his beats around his neck the music still blaring. As everyone stood up Jace and I did as well. He slung his brown bag over his shoulder. We walked off the plane and made our way to the terminal. We made it to the baggage area. Jace grabbed our bags. As he did I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist. Jace dropped our suitcase and came up. 

"Eh! Hands off my mum ya prick!" He said. I looked back to see who had me. Liam. Jace was fuming. Liam looked terrified of this angry 16 year old. "Jace relax. He is my best friend. Liam this is Jace my son. Jace this is Liam." I said. Jace instantly calmed down. They shook hands and Jace grabbed our bags. We followed Liam to his car. We got in and I fell asleep.

Jace's POV

"So how long have you known my mum?" I asked Liam.

"Before X-factor." He replied. "Okay?" I said. 

"Oh sorry. I've known her since were were 15. When I turned 17 I went to a singing competition called X-factor. Your mum convinced me too. I was put in a band with 4 other boys. Thats how she met your dad." He told me.

"Were you guys a success?" I asked.

"Yeah in our first year we each made over 5 million pounds. We were the biggest boy band of that time. Once our oldest member Louis decided to get married we all thought it would be a good idea to move on with our lives and leave One Direction behind." He explained. 

"Okay cool. So why didn't my dad come back for us?" I asked. Liam tensed up.

"By the time we wanted to move on with our lives your mum moved out of Wolverhampton and you were 10 years old. He had missed your childhood. He told me that the dumbest thing he ever did is leave. You were 5 when he did. When ever your mum calls your dad always gets me to ask how you are. It's kinda annoying. When it comes to you he is like a five year old always whining and asking questions." He said. I thought about it. My child hood he missed but I'm 16 I needed him in the past 6 years. 

"We are here." Liam said. I looked out of the window to the giant house. I got out of the car and grabbed the bags while Liam grabbed my mum. He told me to go in. I opened the front door. I heard a voice call out.

"Liam you back?" Someone said. Then a man walked around the corner. He stopped dead in his tracks. Liam came in. My mum was still fast asleep. "Jace meet Zayn.... Zayn Malik." Liam said. I freaked I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to meet my father. I spun and ran out of the house. I heard someone call after me. I found a park and sat down on a bench. I ran my hands through my hair. I took deep breaths. I heard someone walk up and sit next to me.

"Please don't run." I heard Zayn say. "Son we need to talk." He said while putting a hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off. "Don't call me that. You have no right to." I hissed. He sighed. I stood up. He did too. We started to walk back. "Why?" I asked. He stayed silent for a few moments. "Because.... I was scared. I was 19 when you were born. I was so used to drinking, having sex, occasional drugs. I was so used to the party life. I thought that I was ready to settle down. I tried with you and your mum but when you turned five. I realized I wasn't ever gonna be a good father. I never wanted to leave. For you I had too. Plus at that time management was piling loads of shit like interviews, recordings, concerts, tours, meet and greets. They hated the fact that I had a son and a girlfriend. The wanted to keep my bad boy image not the father figure. I was under so much stress. So was your mum. She was 16 when she had you. Her parents kicked her out when they found out. She came straight to me. I was so angry. She had you and everything seemed to go fine till people started the hate again. Our fans didn't like that we had relationships  Your mum received death threats hate mail. The things said to her were horrible. I tried to protect her from all of it but I couldn't." He told me. I sighed. We walked for a few more minutes.

"Okay she made through it though so why did you still leave?" I asked him. We decided it would be best if we would sit. We sat down on the nearest bench. 

"When you were 4 years old. We were walking down the street and someone grabbed you. He ran off with you. Your mum freaked and so did I. I chased after him. When he got into a van I got into my Audi R8 and followed. I found out that he was hired by a group of girls who wanted me. They were some of the haters. I caught the man as he was bringing you into a building. I was so angry. That day you saw me kill someone. He messed me up pretty bad but I put him in a coma and 2 days later he died. I wish I could say that I regret it that I am sorry but I'm not. He could have done anything to you and  I wasn't gonna let that happen. I drove you back to where I left your mum. You hoped out of the car and ran to her. At that moment I realized that with me around the both of you weren't safe. A year later I left. The hate slowly got to your mum. I saw that. I hurt me so much. Jace when I met your mum for the first time it was pulling her away from the edge of a bridge. She was moments from jumping. You needed a mother more than a father. You made her so happy so I knew she would be okay." He said. Minutes of silence passed till my phone rang. It was mum. I picked up. 

"Hey mum." I said waiting for her to freak out.

"Jace where are you? Are you okay? Are you hurt? Did you hurt anyone? Is Zayn with you?" She rambled on.

"Mum I'm at some random park. I am fine. I'm not hurt. And no I didn't hurt anyone? And yeah he is." I said. Zayn looked at me and mouthed "Is it your mum?" I nodded and he told me to pass him the phone I did.

"Hey CareBear." He said. Thats when I heard screaming from the other end. Zayn went white. "Kath hide upstairs room on you left is mine. In the closet is a fake bottom lift it up and get into the crawl space and close it I will be there. Please just stay quiet." He said. He stood up. "Oh and Kath I love you." He hung up the phone. 

"Whats wrong?" I asked.

"Liam went to pick up Lou and Haz... and someone broke in. Well according to your mum there are 4 people in the house. And she said one of them saw her." He said before he starting to run. I sprinted my way back. I was on the track team at my school. Surprisingly Zayn kept up. Before I went in side he led me to a shed and handed me a baseball bat. He stepped in.

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