Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


6. Torture

I thought about Michael and how pissed I was at him and pushed harder when all of a sudden my aunt Claire opened the door and turned on the light "What are you doing!" she shouted at me. I was stuck I couldn't answer all though it was pretty obvious what my intentions were. She pulled me by the arm and dragged me into the car and drove off "Where are we going?" I asked "To the hospital, I'm not going to lose my niece." "Oh please don't act like you care now where were you when I was being bullied where were you when I was being made fun of where were any of you guys when I was harming myself?" she didn't answer I mean what could she say? When we arrived at the hospital I opened the door and ran as fast as I could. I didn't stop to look back I ran all the way to Sarah's house; she was my best friend ever since 4th grade. I rang her doorbell and she opened the door "Hey" she said "Hey is it okay if I crash here tonight? I can't go home." "Oh sure come on in" I walked inside and saw her little brother looking at me "You can sleep in here its my sister's room but she isn't here right now." "Oh okay thanks." I lied down and fell asleep. The next day I went to school and the rumors started again "She tried killing herself last night" "Maybe she should have just done it I mean nobody like her anyway" "I heard she did it because of her and Michaels breakup" I wasn't even sad I was furious, How do these people even know what happened? Why do they assume they know? I didn't do it just because of Michael I did it because i'm tired of this world; I'm tired of being so unhappy in life. I ditched school and went home, I climbed through the window again. I was happy with the fact that it was the last day of school and I didn't have to deal with them for 4 months. I turned of all the lights and looked up at my ceiling to see the glowing stars I had put up there months ago. I woke up to a bright light being shined in my eyes "What the hell is going on?" I said in annoyance "I just wanted to see if you were alive." I heard my aunt Claire say "Why wouldn't I be?" "Well because of last night." "Oh god get over it I wasn't going to do it anyways, now can you please leave me alone and how did you even know I was here?" "Your principle called and said you didn't show up at school today." "Oh well i'm tired so can you please leave me alone?" "Fine." 4 months passed and I was ready to go to camp, I felt so much better about mine and Michaels breakup in fact I was over him. "Okay you need to start packing." I heard someone shout from the bottom of the stairs. I packed all my clothes and anything essential for the 4 weeks I would be gone. I walked down stairs and saw my mom, She walked over to me with the same look she had given me previous months; I tightened up inside and she came closer.



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