Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


14. The walk back

"Oh what is it?" "Remember when you asked Issac to the dance?" "Yeah why?" "Well because when I was sitting on top of one of the boulders he asked me to the dance." "Well he already said yes to me." "I know but he told me he only said yes is because he has a hard time telling girls no." "Oh so what did you tell him." "Well I said yes. Are you okay with that?" "Yeah its okay i'll find somebody else." "Okay." I said. I walked towards Issac "Hey I did it." "What did she say?" "She said she was okay with it." "Oh okay." I took out my lanyard and started working on it when I heared "Hey how do you make those? I've always wondered how." "Oh well just watch me." I started wo make a regular square slwoly so he could understand "See do you understand now?" "Oh yeah I get it." "Do you want mine? I have others so it's okay." "Are you sure?" "Yeah it fine." I said laughing a bit. "Oh well thanks." "Anytime." A few moments later I heared the whistle blow, everyone started heading back towards the street where we crossed. Some of the workers came in trucks with gallons of cold water for everyone to fill there water with; it was a long way back so I filled up my camelpack and a good sized water bottle. We started walking back towards camp and let me tell you it was not fun it was hot and we walked up hill about 75% of the time but I managed to push through it all. I walked mostly by myself or what I thought was by myself since I didn't really pay attention to who was around me. About 20 minutes later we got back to camp which at that time it was time for siesta which is rest time or break. I walked inside the cabin and layed down I was exahusted; I got back up and gathered my clothes and things together and took a shower and washed my hair. When i was done I walked back to the cabin and we still had about 45 to 50 minutes left so I decided to take a nap. I towel dried my hair and put the towel over my pillow and layed down and fell asleep. Things seemed okay for once and I was happy about that. I woke up to a loud bell, "Which bell is that again?" I asked  "Oh that means its time for us to go to lunch." we all got up and put our shoes on and grabbed out name tags and water bottles and headed towards the dining hall. By the time we got there it wasnt time for lunch yet we still had about 5 minutes left; about 25 or 30 kids were in a big circle singing song to pass the time and everytime they sang certain words 2 people would go inside the circle and dance. I stood imn the outer part of the cirlce just planning on watching when I looked straight across from me and I saw Issac, I couldn't help but smile he just made me fell happy which is something im not used to feeling. All of a sudden they grabbed me and put me into the circle and I had nothing else to do but dance, but being as though I have no rhythem and no idea to even attempt dancing I did this really awkward dance. I felt so embarrassed I knew Issace was looking at me and probably laughing at me. I left the circle and right when I got to Haley I heared a cow bell being rang. Everyone went inside the dining hall and sat down; I hadn't even realized but everyone in my cabin and in Issac's cabin sat in the exact same spots as before. We got our food and prayed but it was a very interesting pray. After we prayed we sat down and ate; I felt as if someone was staring at me, I looked up and it was Issac. How long was he looking ate me? I hope he didn't see me stuggle to eat the chicken. After we were all done eating we went outside and went back to our cabins. As I walked passed the bathroom I toppled over Issac "Oh sorry it my fault I didn't see where I was going." "Its okay i'll see you in a little bit." "Okay bye."

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