Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


7. The wait

I stayed where I was and she walked up to me and hugged me. Why did she hug me? I mean she hardly shows any affection so why is she showing me affection? "Bye i'll see you in 4 weeks" "Oh bye" I replied. I went upstairs and said bye to my little sister Faith and my older sister Liana, Faith seemed to be the saddest one; she started crying when I left but I had to get out of this place I would lose my sanity if I stayed. I walked out the door and my grandma Terry followed behind me; "Do you have everything you need?" "Yeah" I said. I stared out the window watching all the passing cars and trees and slowly started to drift off. I woke up and we went over a huge bump; my body jerked and I hit my head on the car ceiling "Ow!" I shouted. About 30 minutes later we arrived at the recreation center where the buses would pick us up. I waited in line to have my stuff labeled and all my medications labeled too. We waited what seemed like forever; a few moments later i heard someone call the bus number I was going to be on. "Goodbye i'll see you in a few week." I heard my grandmother shout from a distance. I sat down on the right side of the bus by myself when my friend Marissa sat next to me, she was a really good friend and we both had the same music tastes. We talked the whole ride there; while she was talking to me my eyes were scanning around the bus and sitting in front of me to the right I saw a boy. I heard him whispering; he looked so familiar, had I met him before? No its not possible I thought. I slightly nudged Marissa "Hey do you know who that is?" "No this is his first year at camp I think" she replied. If it was his first year then why did he seem so familiar? Oh well I thought he was just going to be another face I saw while I was here I would probably never see him again anyways right? The bus stopped and I looked out the window and saw the camp counselors. The bus door opened and I looked for that boy again, just to see what cabin he was in nothing more. I heard my name being called "Rose." I quickly turned to see who was calling my name. It was one of the counselors "Hey this is the cabin you're in" the counselor said. I read a podium she was hold Apache. "Our cabin's name is Apache?" "Yeah oh and by the way my name is Dixie Cup, come one we're going to head over to the cabins now."  I looked back and saw the boy again;  I read his podium, Yaqui.

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