Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


12. The Game

I stood next to Marissa when the music started playing; all the girls walked around in a cirle when the music stopped, I ran over to Issac and placed my hands on his shoulder. We were still in but Olivia and Trevor were out. We continuously played, the Haley and Nick were out then Amamda and Andrew after them Marissa and Kendall. It was me and Issac against Haley and Nick, the music played for about 3 minutes then it stopped; I ran towards Issac and touched his shoulders, I looked at Nick and he was standing by himself. Me and Issac won, we looked at eachother and just smiled; his eyes were so beautiful and his smile was just breath taking. We heard the bell ring and started heading towards camp; I was walking next to Marissa when I felt a presence on the other side of me. It was Issac, I looked over at him then looked back at where Marissa was but she was gone. Did she leave me alone with him on purpose? I looked back at Issac "Hey." I heard him say "Oh, hey." I replied "I can't wait for out dance tonight." "Oh yeah, im pretty excited too." I thought he had forgotten about it. The entire walk we talked and the more I found out about him the more I was attracted to him. I stopped and began to think, I don't want to be attracted to him, I don't want to go through this again, I don't want to fall for him. It was that moment when I told myself I wouldn't get involved I mean he was just someone I met at camp.

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