Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


13. The Boulder Pile

The next day we went on a 5 mile hike to the boulder pile, I walked next to Marissa and Racheal; I could hear Issac's voice from behind me "I can walk this in 30 minutes." I laughed inside because I knew that it wasn't possible for a boy his age to walk this 5 mile hike in 30 minutes because i'd take about and hour or more. Amanda popped up next to me "Hey so I really want to ask this guy to the dance but im scared what should I do?" "Just be cool, calm, and collected; I'm sure everything will work out just fine." "Thanks can you go woth me to ask him?" "Sure." I replied We walked over to a group of people where i saw Issac, I wanted for him to ask me to be his date for the dance so bad. We walked up closer to him when all of a sudden "Hey Issac do you want to be my date to the dance?" I was speachless; my heart sank and I got a warm feeling inside, I didn't move "Umm." He said for about 5 minutes "Sure." he said hesitantly. Was this who he was talking about previous nights? I walked away and told Marissa what had happend and she ended up telling all of the girls in our cabin; "I think you would be better with him." all the girls told me, it made me feel better inside. We continued walking and I didn't say a word to Amanda I ignored her. We finally got to the boulder pile and I had climbed up to the highest boulder I could find and just sat there. I saw Issac climbing up and I slightly moved away; he came and sat down next to me. "So your friend asked me to the dance." "Yeah I was there." 'I don't really want to go with her." "Then why did you say yes?" "Because I have a hard time saying no to girls, but I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go with me instead?" "Are you just asking me as a second choice?" "No, you were my first choice." "Then yes i'll go with you and i'll tell Amanda." "Oh I was going to do it but you can if you want." I knew it was wrong but it was wrong for her to do that to me she knew I liked him or well wanted to go with him. I climbed down and walked over to her and told her, she looked made but she got over it. I was kinda happy inside. I was starting to feel something between us grow. Could he feel it too? We walked back to the cabins and I told Marissa what happened "I told you dude, he's into you." "No he's not he just wants me to be his date." "Mhmm sure." she replied I was going to tell Amanda but I had to put the words together; "Amanda there's something I need to tell you."

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