Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


4. Rumors

I got up and opened the door and said "I'm fine" then quickly shut the door. I walked over to my bed and lied down and looked at all the stars in the sky; they were so beautiful; I turned over and glanced at the clock 1:46 am. Was it really that early? I closed my eyes and started to fall asleep. I woke up to one of my favorite songs; at least that made things a little better. I looked at the time 6:05 am, I got my things together and walked to my bathroom and got in the shower. I washed off all the dry blood and anything that was in my hair. I got out of the shower and put some pajamas back on and blow dried my hair then sat down on my bed. I didn't want to go to school I didn't want Michael to see me; not like this, not all beat up and bruised. I straightened my hair and did my makeup and tried to hide my cuts and bruises as much as possible. I managed to drag myself to my closet and grabbed black skinny jeans, a tank top, and a loose long sleeve, and I my beanie. I climbed through the window trying to avoid my mom. I walked to school and when I opened the door I heard whispers all throughout the hall "I heard she got jumped by 3 girls" "Janice told me Jessica beat her so hard she passed out" "I heard she ran away" I was annoyed, Not looking where I was going I walked to the bathroom and when I turned the corner I toppled onto Michael. "I'm sorry it was my fault I wasn't looking where I was going"  I said continuously looking down. I could feel him looking at me, he gently put his hand on my chin and slightly lifted it up "Are you okay?" "I'm fabulous." I said. I got up and tried to walk away when he grabbed my arm. I stopped and turned around.

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