Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


11. Partners

We all walked into the dinning hall and sat down at our tables. I sat on the left side of the table with my back facing the wall; I saw Issac walk in and he sat on the left side too with his back towards the door. I hadn't realized it until after we started eating but we were sitting to where we would have a perfect view of eachother. We ate our food and went back to the cabins. Our first activity was down at the field; I out on some legging and shorts and a big t-shirt and waited outside for the rest of the girls to finish. We headed down towards the field when I felt someone poke my side I fell to the side, I turned around and it was Issac. I looked down and smiled, wait a minute I thought. If he was going down to the field with us then his cabin would do all the activities with us then, I smiled because I knew that i'd spend 4 weeks seeing him and doing activities with him. We arrived at thte field and saw one of the camp counselors waiting for us. We all sat down on a long log "Okay today you're going to be playing a game called birdy on a perch, im going to assign your partners then i'll tell you if you're a birdy or a perch or not. Okay Marissa you're with Kendall Olivia you're with Trevor Haley you're with Nick Amanda you're with Andrew and Rose you're with Issac." I froze and turned to Marissa "Who did he say I was with?" I said with a serious face, Marissa smile at me "Issac." I didn't know what to do I was shocked. I looked over at him to see him smiling. I walked over to him "I guess we're partners" I said laughing nervously "I guess so." he replied slightly smiling. "Okay all the girls will be birds and the boys will be pirches, now if you're a birdie im going to play music and when you hear it walk in a circle around the pirches and when it stops you have to find your pirch as fast as you can and put your hands on their shoulders and  who ever is the last on their pirch is out, Okay it's pretty simple." the coulselor said.

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