Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


17. Mission Impossible

We got to our cabin and changed and put on warm clothes since we were cold from walking in wet clothes. I combed my hair out and out on a long sleeve black shirt and skinny jeans and a studded belt then put a sweatshirt on over it and put my socks and black vans on; I was in a rush because I was the last one to get ready so I quickly put on my foundation and eyeliner. As I was putting my makeup on I caught myself thinking about Issac, maybe we'll be really close friends I thought to myself. I rushed outside and they were already walking towards the dining hall, why would they leave without me? I raced and caught up to them and we were a little late so everyone was already inside so when we walked in everyone looked at us and I felt really awkward. We sat down at our table and I looked over at Issac I mouthed the words Hi and he replied back with a Hey. I looked at the end of the table and I was pretty happy with what we were having for dinner. Barbecue chicked with Mashed potatoes along with green beans and mixed fruit and apple with the choice of apple juice or water. I ate until I got full, that was the first good meal I had had in a long time. I ate everything except the green beans they weren't all that appealing. After we were finished eating everyone walked towards the benches to wait for the announcements for the nights activity. "Okay so as you guys already know every year we play mission impossible now you know the rules and for those of you who don't we're all going to walk into the woods and start at the end and work your way back to the front now you need to have a buddy with you in case you get lost, now your counselors have sharpies some have red sharpies and the otherss have blue sharpies if you get marked with a red sharpie it takes away 1 point from your cabins total score now if you get marked with a blue sharpie its 1 point; if you come to a fence you need to turn back and go forward understood, the bell will ring in  15 minutes for you to meet us back over here. Bring everything necessary for the game , it will get dark so I suggest brining a flashligh." one of the counselors said. It sounded like fun to me I was pretty excited, I walked back towards our cabin and grabbed my black beanie just because it was comfortableand and my flashlight along with my bug repellent. I didn't want to get bit by any bugs. We met up back at the benches and we all assigned partners and right away Issac lookeed at me and I looked at him. Did that mean he wanted to be my partner? He got up and started walking towards me a "Hey um so do you want to be my partner?" "Oh yeah sure." I said I didn't want to sound desperate but I wanted him to be my buddy.

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