Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


18. Hole In The Plan

Me,Issac,Haley, and Nick stayed together as a group and made our way through the woods hiding in the bushes trying to be cautious of people with red markers even though we had no idea who had a red or blue marker since they hid the lid. As we kept walking we came along to the fence and decided to walk next to it "Aw crap." I heard Issac say "What? Whats wrong?" "My basket ball shorts got caught on the fence." I laughed a little "Here let me help you." I replied. I tugged onto his basket ball shorts "There's going to be a hole you know." "Yeah I know." I pulled on them and we continued walking. "Hey so um do you usually wear pink boxers?" I asked "What? Oh!" He said turning around to hide the hole "Hey watch out you're gunna." I was too late he had already fallen down and rolled from where we were standing. I rushed over to him and told him to duck down low, "Look over there." Nick said. "What? "There's a group of people huddled around over there, do you think the person has a red marker?" "Well I think if it was a red marker not many people would be over there so I think it's a blue marker." We all walked toward the person standing and they started walking closer toward us with a sinister kind of look. "Maybe they do have a red marker I thought." But I'd never say it out loud because I didn't want Issac to think I made a mistake. He got closer and opened the sharpie and made a slash mark on out hands. Blue it was a blue mark, that gave each of us 1 point for our cabin. We gradually made it back to where we were all supposed to meet up. Everyone met up and we all walked back to our cabins, "Hey." I turned around to see Issac behind me "Oh hey." I replied trying not to smile and blush. What was it that drew me to him? Sure he was a cutie but he wasn't like Oh my gosh he's so hot. Whatever it was about him it drew me closer to him. No this isn't going to happen again, i'm not going to get hurt besides it;s probably just a little camp flirt. At least that's what I thought. "Hey, that was fun right?" "Yeah, I got to be around you." I replied and looked down and smiled hoping he didn't see me. We walked all the way up and it was time for our night time snack which was milk and cookies, once everyone in got theirs everyone stood and said the night time prayer. It always sounded so beautiful. My cabin walked back to our cabin and got ready for the Kiva. I was anxious to get there early so I can sit down on the table in the back; I didn't want to be sucked into the dancing crowd because I am well aware that I can't dance. I ran in and sat down and slowly more people started showing up. They started playing music and I slightly rocked my feet back and forth to the music. I looked over and saw Issac dancing next to Amanda. I knew he didn't like her that way but I still got a little jealous and I don"t know why because it's not like I could go over the and magically sweep him away with my dancing skills. No this is reality. An hour went by and I was still sitting, The first slow song played and I immediately felt Issac's eyes on me. He walked towards me "Do you want to dance with me?" "Yes." I put my hands on his shoulders and his hands found my waist and we danced and in that moment everything went away, I didn't see anyone else around us it was just me and him. 



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