Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


15. Can I Have A Different Partner?


I raced towards the cabin to catch up with my cabin mates; I finally caught up to Marissa "Hey get a little clumsy back there?" Marissa joked "Haha very funny I seriously fell." "Mhmm sure you did." "Whatever lets just go to the cabin and change and get ready for water skiing." When we reached the cabin I went inside and looked at our schedule; my mouth dropped and my heart sank. Marissa appeared next to me "Oh so we have to go water skiing with the Yaqui cabin, wait isn't Issac in that cabin?" I stood quietly and didn't move; I didn't know how else to react "Yeah but its okay." "You're not nervous?" "No." "Okay then lets get ready?" I walked over to where my bunk was and pulled out my black bathing suit and rainbow pattern bottoms and my towel and sunscreen and changed in the bathroom. I grabbed my sandals and headed outside and sprayed my sunscreen lotion on and sat down and waitind for everyone else. I rubbed my eye when I realized I still had my makeup on; I walked back inside when out cabin leader was already walking out "Hey do I have time to take my makeup off?" "No we're already late, sorry." "Ugh okay." I really didn't want my makeup to get all smudged and have Issac look at me. We walked all the way down to the lake and we all got in pairs on who is going together either tubing or water skiing. I hadn't decided which one I wanted to do yet; I sat and watched everyone go water skiing and I got scared so I decided to go tubing. I sat and waited for my turn. 2 people were a head of me and I had so much adreneline I was beyond scared. I heared them call my name but I wasn't completely sure on who my partner was. "Rose your partner is ughhh Issac."

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