Last kiss

Rose struggles to move on after a horrible breakup but finds someone who she thinks is the one and wonders if she should let him into her heart.


9. A night at the Kiva

When we got back to the cabin our cabin counsler said that since we're the oldest cabin we weould go to the Kiva; "What's the Kiva?" I asked "The Kiva is a large room with a stage and they play music and 1 or 2 slow dance songs." "Oh I said." We all got ready and walked toward the Kiva. As soon as I walked in my eyes were automatically on him; what was he doing here? Was he the same age as I was? Did he see me staring at him? all these questions filled my head. I walked toward the table in the corner as the music played. I sat down on the table due to the fact that I wasn't a very good dancer, in fact i wasn't even a decent dancer. I watched everyone dance and have fun while I just sat there thinking about how cute Issac was. Amanda came by and started dancing or what she thought was dancing.  I got up a jumped arouned with everyone in my cabin as the lights flashed green,blue,red,purple,and red. I looked around for Issac to see if he could see me dancing, but he wasn't in sight. I walked outside to use the bathroom and came across him talking to someone in his cabin named Nick; I didn't intentionally eavesdrop but it just happened "So are you going to ask Haley to dance tonight?" I heared Issac ask "Yeah and I think im going to ask her to the dance too." Nick replied "Thats cool man, I still have to find a date; I saw this girl and she's been running through my mind ever since the bus ride here but I don't think she'd be interested" at that moment my foot slipped and I fell landing in front of them. "Oh hey sorry I was tying my shoe and I fell." I said nervously "No problem." Isasac said. I walked into the bathroom to see if I looked okay. I heared the boys leave and rushed back to the Kiva and sat down on the table. I was scanning the area to see all the faces i'd miss in a couple weeks when Marissa walked up to me "Hey man why don't you go dance with him?" "Who?" i said nervously "Him." Marissa replied while pointing to Issac. After she said that he started walking towards me. "Marissa did you call him over here?!" "No why?" Marissa said. I grabbed her jaw and turned it towards him, "Pretend like you're talking to me." "No way dude this is your chance to ask him." Marissa said as she was walking away. I sat still and didn't move and watched him as he got closer and closer until he finally reached the table; "Hey, do you wanna dance with me?"

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