There Story

There was a girl you could tell all she wanted to do was to be alone just with the thoughts that surround her. Yet there was that sad boy that was just as screwed up to.


5. won't let go

        Princess and kitty are apart now. She never thought it would happen so soon but it did. Kitty thought they wouldn't talk for a while but after a while they would start again and then get close again, yet she didn't want to just stop talking to him she loved him she loved talking to him she loved everything about him he made her happy and if being his friend was the only way to keep that happiness so be it she suffered threw the pain and continued to talk to him. Witch shocked kitty cause with him every one who he has hurt just gave up and stopped talking to him. With princess everyone just left, but she didn't just want him to leave and she new how things were with him she new him oh so well. So they continue to be the amazing friends that they are.

       Then one day he randomly asked her on a date. She said okay but before they went on a date they hung out 2 days before. It was the first time they were gonna see each other after 3 and a half weeks. So when she saw him her heart fell and she wanted to cry, but she didn't she smiled and told him hello and they met at Starbucks so they sat at a table with there long boards on the floor. He started laughing randomly and wouldn't tell her why. Yet later that night he told her it was because he thought she looked so cute witch made her blush. they went to target and ate pizza and then to ross to look at cloths he didn't like anything there so we went for a ride on there boards to a park. They went down a slide together there was a tower thing there and they climbed to the top and layed there talking looking at the stars. It brought back many memories for them but as she was boarding in front  of him she cryed a little not because she was sad but because she was happy that they could still be this close and not completely loose him.

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