There Story

There was a girl you could tell all she wanted to do was to be alone just with the thoughts that surround her. Yet there was that sad boy that was just as screwed up to.


4. Then

                They both met up at least 1 time a week, she always had so much fun while she was with him. She didn't have to fake being happy when she was with him she loved him. They made there ways in to each others hearts and minds little by little until they retched the core. He found out she found out that she loved him in a rather odd way. They were laying on his bed talking and love came in to play and she admitted that she fell in love with him. She wasn't shy about it she was never a really shy girl, he told her to get back up not to stay fallen to get up and not to be in love. He got off the bed and layed on the floor cause she had bit his ear witch hurt him she had gotten a little annoyed. They continued talking about it then she climbed down to were he was laying and embraced him and told him that she didn't want to get back up that she wanted to stay fallen.

               They saw each other less after that until he started to fall in love as well. She always told him that he loved him but she put it in a way that he would say it back with out really meaning it she always said I laa you, saying that she really meant it but it wasn't really saying it. She began saying I love you though and he said I laa you still after awhile he told her he loved her. They got closer and called each other there jealous boyfriend and girlfriend. Yet he didn't want to be together, to make it official. They kept doing what they were doing for a while. He got really mad at her one day and almost broke them up but when he was still mad he invited her over anyway and for 2 hours while they were together they barley talked or touched. But she got him to lay down with her on the bed and they fell asleep it was the first time they actually slept together and when they awoke he forgave her they were back to normal. witch brought them closer at least to her it did.

           He finally admitted he loved her but she didn't truly believe it in her heart she always thought that he only cared about her that all she never thought he loved her back not one bit but she liked to pretend that he did with made her vary happy. It made her feel wanted even needed, she loved that feeling. They lasted a while until June 1, 2013 that day was when it ending in 5 days it would have been 7 months. It was two days before that he had said that its not gonna last that it will end soon everything ends at seven months. She told him that it would work out nothing would happen that she loved him to much to let him go. But his feelings changed for her he no longer loved her. She cryed for 2 days straight she couldn't sleep cause when she did fall asleep she woke up crying balling her eyes out cause she always dreamt about him and all the memories they had together. Because what she had with him was ripped away in a split second he was gone. All it took was one message saying "I want this to end I don't feel the same anymore" in that moment in reading that her heart felt as if it fell out her stomach the worst pain she ever felt.

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