There Story

There was a girl you could tell all she wanted to do was to be alone just with the thoughts that surround her. Yet there was that sad boy that was just as screwed up to.


2. The Beginning

From the moment she was born she was unwanted. No one was there her dad didnt show eather. When she was born she was taken away from her mother and given to her moms sister. To me she was the best mom, she treated me like as if she was her own. By the age 3 she was given back to her mom, she was on drugs and so was her father. They were poor and always moved from place to place. Her father had went to jail when she was about 4. Then CPS had taken her and her sister she still remembers being taken away. She was slightly happy that she was being taken away from all of that. But they gave her sister and her back. She went back to that hell hole of a family. Yet at the time they were living with there grandma and grandpa. What they didnt know was that she was being raped constantly while her mom and grandma were at there jobs her brothers and sisters were at school. Know one new about it. She still has some of those moments in her mind that she remembers that drak brown wooden head board, king size bed with white blankes with two pillows with dim yellow lighting. No one new no one in the world in till one day he got cought her mother walked in and he went missing for 8 years she dosnt really know what happend to him. For most of her life she couldnt stop thinking about that time things got better they  still moved alot but every one was still on drugs. Her father got out of jail when she was 7. Her mother couldnt stand how much she resembled her father so her mother set fire to all of her baby pictures or basicly all the pictures she had of anyone. Growing up she was always alone always crying. She never trusted anyone in her life, she didnt have many friends because how much she moved she didnt want to be come close to anyone becoming attached to anyone or anything was just not somthing she would let her self do. So all her life she never let her self love, care, or trust any one everyone she did left her. They abandoned her and frankly she became cold hearted and just closed her self from anyone and everyone.

Untill she met "Kitty", he spoke to her he was open with her. She learned that he had been threw so many things him self they were both so cold. She liked it that way and she began to open up to him, and little by little she let him into her heart. He found his way to her heart she found a way in to his, and she didnt seem to mind because for the first time she felt wanted. They were so comfortable with eatch other, they could talk about anything and do anything to eatch other because they were both in eatch others hearts. From the moment they first were together it was as if they were open book ready to be read by eatch other one sentence at a time.

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