There Story

There was a girl you could tell all she wanted to do was to be alone just with the thoughts that surround her. Yet there was that sad boy that was just as screwed up to.


1. Its Time To Tell

He was her sisters best friend, she new that but one night she decided to message him. She met him before, at her house, he was siting on that pink yellowish egg shell color couch that they have. She still remembers what he was wearing. A pure white T-shirt, black shorts with black convers. She didnt know that she was gonna love him so much that it brought her pain. Or that he would love her back with all he had. What they had was a for bidden love that they couldnt forget about. She loved him and He loved her but there ages kept them apart. On November 6, 2012 was the first day they spent time together it was also the beginning of there story. I am here to tell it i think its about time.

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