There Story

There was a girl you could tell all she wanted to do was to be alone just with the thoughts that surround her. Yet there was that sad boy that was just as screwed up to.


3. At First

The vary first time they hung out was November 6, 2012. She messaged him one night cause she was bored and every one she was talking to had become worthless to her or in other words boring. She saw his name on facebook and remembered that night her sister had brought him over her first thought was "wow! hes cute!" She remembers asking him "What are your intenchions with my sister" she loved embarrassing people but his responce was was "what?" she asked again 2 more times and then she yelled at him saying "what are you deff?!" He smirked and then her sister came back and told her "Shut up hes my best friend." Thoughts went threw her mind like "that poor guy he really dont know how horrible of a person she is!" When he left her house she never thought about him again untill one day her family went swimming at her moms girlfriends house (her mother was bi). It was what happend when her and her sister were alone in the house was when she told me the he liked her a whole lot and what she said made me hate her just a little more she said "Best friends arint supost to like eatch other, i dont like him like that i dont think ima talk to him anymore." Wright then and there she realized how much of a B***h she was and how that bad she felt for him and how she was gonna hurt her or well do somthing bad to her and she did. Later that day they were taking picturs and she was thought to her self perfect time ! Her and her sister Wanda were laughing really hard while taking pictures so she salivated all over her. Her sister was so angry she had taken a picture at that exact moment it was perfect ! So anyway back when she first messaged him on facebook he was just a person her sister hurt and she new that. Yet she talked to him anyway that talked more and more intill they desided to meet up. The day they did her cuzin died she was murdered. But she didnt fint out till the next day. So when they got to his house they went up to his room and layed down and just talked and listened to music for hours, untill he said "i have this feeling you want me to kiss you" she said "honistly i do just a little" so he lifted her head up by her chin and kissed her. What he said after made her laugh, he said that "her lips were so soft! Softer then any other girl he had kisses before" (then things went one from there). From that day on they kept meeting like that secretly. He wanted Know one to know just a selected few who were trusted with there secrect. They got to know each other better everytime they were together they gradually started to like eatch other. Her favrite time with him was that 10 mins it took them to walk from his house to the fire station were he droped her off, mainly because that was the one time they really got into eatch others past she loved learning things about him the things he told her, his tone of voice his face expressions, and how care free he was also mainly the fact that he told her all those things. She didnt know why he told her those things it was a like a game of chess you never new what eather of them was gonna do or say next but it was always left with a mystory till the next time they were together and another move was set. Slowly finding there way to eatch others queen or in there case eatch others hearts and minds.

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