Everything happens for a reason. When
Natasha's parents die in a car crash, she
loses hope in ever being happy again. The
only thing that ever makes her smile anymore,
is watching One Direction videos. She wishes
life was as easy for her as it is for them. She only
has one friend... who moved to France one year
ago. What happens when her idols adopt her?
Will she learn to smile again?


1. Flashback*

-Natasha's POV

Why can't life be easy? Why does there have to be death, hatred, and pain in the world. Why can't people just live forever? Why can't people just learn to love and care about each other? Why can't we all get along? If death, hatred, and pain didn't exist, i probably wouldn't be in this mess. I would be living happily with my parents. I'd have friends. I also wouldn't be hurting so bad. My parents died when i was seven. I've rarely been happy since then.


"Be a good girl Tashie; Make mommy proud! Daddy and Mommy will be back at around 9:00PM. You'll be in bed already by that time. The baby sitter will be here in a couple of minutes, okay sweetie?"

"Mommy, don't worry, i won't be bad Tashie. Tashie's gonna be good baby. Love you guys!"

"We love you too! See you tomorrow morning, and remember, i you behave, i'll take you for ice cream tomorrow."

"Yayy! Kay bye mommy!"

~next morning~

"Mommy? Daddy?"

"Mommy and Daddy went to a farm sweetie. They're staying there for a while. They will be back for you, Natasha don't worry!", the baby sitter said between sobs. I hadn't even noticed her in the corner of my room.

*Flashback ended*

Yeah farm, sure... Now i'm old enough to understand that they're dead. God i miss them. I'm now 11 years old. Damn. Its been four years and i still haven't gotten over it.


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