liam and hope were perfect untill Louis came to school


2. why

I to still couldn't smile when I saw liam on one knee he said that would be us at paul's wedding I just wanted to cut myself so I went downstairs and started cutting a little bit then louis came in I forgot that we are go ing to starbucks then louis grabbed me at took me out to his car "Why were u doing that!"Louis yelled when we got in "Because of Liam!"I yelled then he started the car he drived the way I always took to liam's I'm worried now "Where r we going?"I asked then he parked outside of liam's "Stay here Hope"Louis said walking out then I remebered that my cuts we're bleeding I got something to get the blood of then out of his house I grabbed my ipod and my headphones and listened to little mix I am a huge fan jesy was my bestfriend untell x-factor liam got to the car then went to the driver side and had the keys I jumped out when I saw then then i ran inside "Louis! Liam has your car keys!"I said as i got to louis then he ran to his car i ran with him "Hope i love u i well take this car if u dont take me back!"Liam yelled i went up to kiss him but i used a trick my "popular" sister told me i kicked him while i kissed him then he fell "Louis get in!"I said as i ran to the passenger side then he got in the drivers side and started driveing "Please tell you are not takeing him back"Louis asked as he started driving "Louis I might"I said "Don't I don't want u getting hurt"Louis told me as tears filled in his eyes "Louis is ok"I told him then he kissed me I was levelheaded at first the I started kissing back "Hope u r the most beautiful girl I've ever met"Louis told me then I saw Danellie and Liam fighting about something "Louis stop the car"I told him then he did and I got out "Why would u do that Danellie"Liam yelled "OMG your not even cute someone had to date u"Danellie slapped Liam "Danellie your wrong"I stepped in "Who r u"Danellie asked "I'm Hope and I'm here to protect Liam"I said with a mad look in my eye when it comes to people I love it serious

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