liam and hope were perfect untill Louis came to school


1. the day i asked

Liam's P.O.V

i ran downstairs to my mum "hey Liam why in a rush"my mum asked "i need a diamond ring"i said remembering that i promised to never tell me mum or dad i had a girlfriend "Liam James Payne you have a girlfriend and you never told me"my mum looked so mad

"yeah i have a girlfriend why"i said i didn't want to say i had two girlfriends im cheating on hope but i love both "Here is the keys and some money"my mum said giveing them to me "bye"i said and ran outside and drove to the wedding store "hello looking for something"a lady at the conter asked me "yes im looking for a ring"i said "ok"she showed me all of them "that one please"i said pointing at the huge diamond ring "ok that well be 400"the lady said "here you go"i gave her the money and she gave me a ring in the box and i went to drive to school "Liam your here"Danellie hugged me "Danellie close your eyes"i told Danellie "ok Liam"Danellie said and closed my eyes i got on my knee and grabbed out the ring the whole school watched expect for the teachers Danellie opened her eyes "Danellie you are my everything you got that one thing will you marry me?"i said and Danellie almost cried "Yes i well Liam"she said then i put the ring on her finger

Hope's P.O.V

i started to cry and ran Liam loved me but not anymore cause of Danellie i could care less i just sat under a tree crying but someone i didn't know came to me and sat down "what do you want"i said still crying "hey im Louis"Louis said "im Hope"i said crying still i have to admit Louis is kinda cute "I saw what happend why are you crying"Louis asked worried "Liam cheated on me for Danellie"I said crying more than I did before "oh what class do you have next"Louis asked "drama"i finally stop crying "me too"louis said the first bell went of "want to walk to class with me"louis asked me "sure let's go"i said and we walked into harry people say hes the hottest boy ever and has a crush on me "you back off from her"Harry said pushing Louis away but I walked to Louis helping Louis up "thanks hope"Louis said "anytime"I said "who do you think you are"Harry yelled "the girl you wish you had"I yelled and we ran away 

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