Old and New Memories

One special boy and one special girl. But will the girl be enough for him?


2. Starting Over

So over the summer my parents made me break up with him. He was my everything. I honestly don't think anyone knew what he meant to me. He was my first true love and first heartbreak. I look back all the time these days. It's almost been a year now and the memories are more taunting than ever. The flashbacks are constant and bring me to tears all the time. Zach and I are bet friends again! We talk all the time now but he likes someone else. I wish she knew because she's the luckiest girl alive! Anyways I have school today and its Monday. Eek! Mondays! Oh we'll I think I'll survive. I finally got to school and was greeted by my friends. 

"Hey Olivia!" Brittany said running up to me to give me a hug. 

"Hey!" I replied in a tired tone. 

"You ok?"

"Ya just super tired, stayed up until one this morning texting Zach." I sighed. 

"TELL ME EVERYTHING!" Brittany whispered while pulling me away from everyone else. 

Brittany was my best friend and I told her everything! She had always been there for me and I had always been there for her. She was practically my sister. I couldn't imagine life without her at all! 

"Well you know how he likes Tiffany?" I said. 

"Ya..." I could tell she didn't like where this was going. 

"He's going to ask her out today." I told her as I was trying to hold back the tears. 

"No! He can't! I have to stop him!" She said huffing. 

I grabbed her arm and said, "Brittany, no! If I really love him then I would want him to be happy, right?"

"Yes, but you love him! He's yours!"

"He was..." I said as Zach asked out Tiffany. 


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