Old and New Memories

One special boy and one special girl. But will the girl be enough for him?


4. So Close...But So Far Away

My mom stayed in the hospital for a few days until we heard the news that she was in a coma. She would be in this coma for at least a month. I was devastated, but with my friends I made it through the month. All my friends supported me and hung out with me all the time to get my mind off of things. Only one thing never left my mind...Zach. Why couldn't I just forget him already? Why did I constantly dream of him at night? Why did it end so fast? I think about these questions and many more every night before I fall into a deep sleep. A sleep that all my problems are distance and Zach was still mine. Every night I think of all the 'what ifs' and 'why's'. I've never stopped loving him. It's like he left a scar on my heart and the only one that could remove it was him. After about two weeks he broke up with Tiffany. He then started talking to me more and more. Like that meant anything, though! Every time he texted me or talked to me I felt even more alone knowing I'm so close but so far away. He was everything to me and so much more. I just wish he knew that he was my last thought at night, first thought when I wake up, the one thing that distracts me during the day, and most of all the one I loved. No matter how close I was to certain friends I felt like they could never understand my pain I'm going through. Don't understand how much I would give to have one more chance with him. Don't understand what he truly means to me. This boy is what has kept me going, kept me on my feet, and kept me from giving up. I loved Zach and no one could replace him. After about a month I had to tell him. 

"Hey" I sent in a text. 

"Hey girly"

"So about the guy I like...it's you." I hesitated on sending that text, but I did. 

"Olivia! I feel the same way! Tiffany was just a girl to get my mind off you because I knew I hadn't another chance with you."

I was in shock when I read that single text. He actually liked me. Missed me. Possibly still loved me. All I wanted was him and it seemed like I went through all that pain for a reason. That maybe once again there will be an 'us'. I told him what I've been feeling for a while and he replied with, "Lets run away! Never look back...just me and you. I'll have you and you'll have me. As long as we're together nothing will hurt us. Lets just go!" And with those words I had a decision to make. 

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