Old and New Memories

One special boy and one special girl. But will the girl be enough for him?


3. Rough Water

Believe it or not Tiffany said yes! It was a really hard day for me. I never understood why she was forgotten. I was constantly used. Aways ended up forgotten and it hurt me beyond anything else. I wish I meant something to someone for once. I had two friends that got me through everything; Alex and Brittany. Oh and I can't forget Ashely and Brook. These four got me through everything! One thing that did push me over the edge though was when all my "friends" talked about Alex at lunch and never quit! Only Brittany knew the friendship I had with the guys at our school. Probably because she had the same kind of friendships. I was always judged for hanging out with the guys all the time. Sometimes I wish people knew why I was close to them. The guys have never lied to me, back stabbed me, disrespected me, or judged me! Now you know why I am best friends with them other than all the girls at my school. I finally got home to find that I had a text from Britt reading, "Hey I know today's been a rough one for you, but I'll ALWAYS be here for you! K?!" I knew I could always count on that girl. I finally broke down and she called me. 

"Hey...what's up?!"

"Want the whole story?"

"Of corse! Just know that there will probably be one or two less people on this Earth when you finish!" she said smirking. 

No matter how sad or upset I was Britt could always make me laugh!

"Ok so honestly I'm sad that Zach and Tiffany are dating and the fact that Tiffany was talking behind my back today didn't help! It's like she's using this relationship against me! I mean you know, Tifanny's always had it out for me."

"I know. It's going to be ok, but seriously she just doesn't know when to quit does she?!"

"I know..." I spoke in a softer tone know. 

Tears came pouring as I told her the rest. I couldn't stop crying no matter how hard I tried. The only people at school that I will allow myself to see me like this is Alex and Britt. I could trust them with my life. They always knew how to comfort me and never let me down. Alex texted me that night and alders if I was ok because Britt had told him something was up. I told him I was ok and he said he knew I wasn't and to be outside my front door in twenty. Low and behold he was at my house in exactly twenty minutes. 

"Hey." he said softly. 

"Hi." I replied with tears running down my face. 

"How's my sister doing?"

"I've had better days." I knew I could be honest with him so I just told him straight out what was wrong. 

We sat on my front steps until 9:30 and then we went to my room and hung out. We watched The Lion King and he led me while I just cried. Alex was my best guy friend and when I didn't have a boyfriend to help comfort me he stepped in and filled that hole. When the movie was almost over my dad came running into my room screaming and saying that my mom was in the hospital be because she was in a severe accident. I told Alex that he could go home, but he refused and went to the hospital with me. We were at the hospital all night and the next day. Alex and I just skipped school and stayed at the hospital with my mom. Around 8:00 am the doctor came in to talk to me and my dad. 

"Is she going to be ok?!" I cried in desperation. 

"I don't know Miss Kiser..." He replied with a poker face. 

Alex grabbed my hand right then and never let go. 

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