Letting go

A girl finds a boy sitting on the curb with an unusual amount of pink balloons. This girl wanted one but didn't know she would get something else instead.


1. Our Balloon

 That was the first time we met, he was just walking in the park alone, looking sad. He was carrying a bundle of light pink balloons that floated in the air like clouds. They caught my eye as I sat down on a steel bench that was on the other side of the park from where he stood. I always had a soft spot for balloons.  They just reminded me of when I was younger, where a balloon meant that if I tried hard enough, it would send me flying. I wanted one of his balloons so badly, just the thought of having one put a smile on my face.

 I started walking over to him, when all of the sudden he let go of all the balloons. They floated up into the sky and disappeared before my eyes. I was outraged, why would someone just waste such am amazing thing. I marched over to him, my heels clicked violently against the pavement as I quicken my pace. I needed to know why he let go of them, why he would do such a stupid thing.

 When I got, he was sitting on the edge of the curb, crying. His face was red and he had thin wet streaks on his pale cheeks. I looked down at his hands and saw they were clenched together, either out of pain or anger. He was trying to control himself so he wouldn’t make a scene in the middle of the park. I bent down towards him as my blue dress tightened around me.

 “Are you alright?” I asked him, in the softest and sweetest voice I could conjure up. This man was a stranger towards me but, I wanted to help. His hair was a dark brown and was gelled upwards in the front. He had light tan skin and very deep brown eyes. He was around the same age I was, which was eighteen and was rather attractive.

  “Excuse me?” The boys voice was shaky and I could barley understand what he said.

 “I said are you alright.” This time, the boy looked up and into my eyes. I gave him a light smile to assure I meant well. He dropped his head back down and started laughing. I stared in disbelief, was he mocking me for trying to help him?

 “Am I alright? Hell, I’m fantastic. I’m fucking sublime. The girl that I have dated for over four years now just rejected my proposal. It wasn’t even will u marry me, I just wanted to have a promise between us that when we went to college we wouldn’t forget about who were with. Instead, she told me she’s been seeing other guys for awhile and that she wanted to explore new people. Now, after knowing that would you say I’m alright?” His sarcasm hurt me, even though I didn’t know him or his name. I looked up and realized that I was now crying to, cold tears stung my eyes, then trialed down my cheeks.

 “I’m…I’m sorry. You must feel just horrible, but don’t blame yourself, I know that what you’re doing right now to and you’ve done nothing wrong. From what it sounds like, she didn’t even deserve to date you for a second. If I was her, I would have accepted your proposal, any guy who’s willing to wait for a girl, must really love her. I understand you hurt but, it will get better, you may not believe me but, now something amazing is going to happen because every ending always ends happily.” As I said this, the boy watched me in wonder. He pupils got bigger as if some realization came over him. He got up and gave me a tight hug, then whispered thank you into my ear. He then turned around and started to walk away from me.

As he was doing that, I looked up into the sky where he had released all of those pink balloons. When I did this, I noticed there was one of his balloons stuck in the tree that was hanging above us. While I looked up at the plastic cloud, I got a marvelous idea. I began climbing up the tree and retrieved it from where it was caught. I then hopped down, praying to myself that the boy had not gotten away. I started running in the direction he went and finally caught up to him.

“Hey!” I yelled towards him, when I did this, he turned around and stopped in his place.

“Here, you need this.” I pushed the balloon towards him as my knees began to clench and shake. I didn’t even know what I was doing anymore. The boy looked at me and smiled, he grabbed the balloon then let it go. My mouth dropped; shocked he would release my gift for him. But then, the boy grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him. He then dipped me on his arm and came closer to my lips. He finally pressed his against mine and I felt fireworks go off in my head. While he was kissing me, I opened my eyes and watched our little pink balloon disappear into the sky.

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