Behind The Scenes

Em is that foster kid that moves from house to house. She's labeled as one of those troubled teens and moves around a lot. But when she moves to a new school and falls in love with Simon, she might just have to leave him behind.


3. Ms Nash

Simon dropped me off in front of my new house. It was a large brick house with lots of bushes and trees. Next to the door was a sign that read 'Ms Nash foster home'. I hopped that Simon wouldn't see it. I quickly got out of the car and waved goodbye then ran up the steps and inside. Tyler, one of the boys was sitting on the steps. He glared at me as I quietly shut the door and ran up the stairs to my room that I shared with another girl named Lucy. I sat down on the bed and looked at Lucy. 

"Your in so much trouble. Ms Nash is really mad at you," Lucy said as she stood up. "Next time actually look at your messages," she said as she walked out.

I swore under my breath. I should've looked at that text from Ms Nash before I deleted it. I laid down on the bed and started to drift off to sleep when the door of the room flew open and a short plump lady with brown hair was in the doorway yelling at me. I quickly sat up and looked at her and she stormed up to me. I wasn't even sure what she was saying. I just kept nodding as if I actually understood. That was a trick I learned from California. When your foster parents are yelling at you, just pretend you are listening and that you understand. The yelling will end sooner.

After a few minutes Ms Nash stormed out of the room and I was left alone again. That was the way I liked it. Alone. I guess that's why I wanted to be a techie. They were always the ones in the back. Always mixed in the shadows and never getting noticed. I liked that. Techies stood together. All the techies would be your friend but they all understood about being alone. Ever since my auntie died, I had been alone. But that was OK. 

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