Behind The Scenes

Em is that foster kid that moves from house to house. She's labeled as one of those troubled teens and moves around a lot. But when she moves to a new school and falls in love with Simon, she might just have to leave him behind.


4. Epic Tag

I put my backpack in my locker and looked around. I saw Simon walking up to me. I smiled as he walked up to me. I closed my locker and we started walking down the hall.

"Today since the set is done, we were thinking about playing Base Tag," Simon said as we come up the the auditorium doors and we walked in. There were already several boys sitting on the edge of the stage and as we walked up to them they all started yelling and stuff. Techies could be really loud. 

"Ok, so we need to wait until everyone is out of the school before we start playing. And Mr Smith wants us to get the tech-booth ready before the matinee on Friday." Ken said as more people started walking in. Mr Smith came walking in and told all the techies to get out of the auditorium so the actors could rehearse  We all headed up to the tech-booth.  I could still feel like a weight was bearing down on me. The Phantom. 

The tech-booth was very cool. It was a long shaped space.In the middle was a raised platform where all the lights and sound equipment was. Next to the platform was the spotlight and the back wall was full of cupboards full of rope, tape, tools, and anything else a techie would need. Cody walked over to a cupboard and pulled out a long piece of rope. He unraveled it and tied one end of the rope to a small metal hook that was on the ground next to the tech-booth door. Then he tossed the other end off the edge that over looked the auditorium. 

"Well that was easy," Cody said as he started walking down the stairs. 

"What is the rope for?" I asked Simon.

"So when the techies up here need to make a break for it and the door is locked, they can just climb up and down the rope. And plus its a lot faster then running down the hall and unlocking doors to get up here." he explained as we walked back down the stairs and into the hallway. 

"OK, so now we play," Ken said as we shut the door.

"The rules are; no hurting others, you must stay inside the school, you can't go in the classrooms or bathrooms, and the stage is open so you are allowed to hide in there. You must get to the auditorium and not get turned evil." Seth explained. "Now who wants to be evil?" he asked. Ken and Cody both raised their hands. "OK, so give everyone a minutes head-start and then come get us. You can't stand near the auditorium stairs or guard the dressing hall. Everyone else, don't get tagged or you turn evil," 

The game started and I started running towards the 100 hallway towards the drama room but Simon grabbed my arm and pulled me down towards the gym. I pulled me around the corner and pushed me against the wall. 

"Follow me," he whispered. "I know the perfect spot to hide," Simon went running down the 200 hall and I trailed after him. We got to the center of the school and he leaned up against the wall. "This is gonna be the hard part. Since its open to both hallways, they will be able to see us. I'll run across and then tell you when to run. You gotta be fast," Simon said as he looked around the corner and then ran across to the other side.

He looked around the corner again and then shook his head to let me know it wasn't safe to go yet. Then he held his thumbs up and I sprinted across the hall and right passed Simon who started running after me. He ran past me and grabbed my hand, forcing me to run faster. My little lets were having trouble keeping up with his longer legs. Then he turned down the 300 hall and ran to the very end of it where one of the giant Knight statue. He sunk down the ground and I followed him down. We were both out of breath and laughing too. 

"I think I've had my exercise for the day," I laughed. "They won't find us down here?" I asked. Simon shook his head.

"No, Cody is smart so he is probably looking at the security cameras, this is the only hall where their aren't any cameras so the others always forget about it," Simon explained as he laid ed his head against the wall and closed his eyes. His beanie had slipped back and I could see his  blonde hair beginning to slip over his eyes. "Lets catch our breath and then we will head back towards the front," I nodded even though he couldn't see me. I scooted over closer to Simon so I was out of the hallway where others could see me. After a minute, Simon stood up and helped me up. "OK, so follow me, if one of them comes running after us then head towards the vending machines and hide there and wait. We are going to win this game," he laughed a bit as we started running down the hall again. 

He ran down the 200 hall again and past the gym. We looked down by the dressing hall and saw no one was there. Simon nodded over to the hall and then started running towards it. We turned down the small hallway and to the stage door. Simon ripped the door open and we dived inside. We both leaned up against the wall laughing again. We could hear the actors rehearsing their lines. The stage curtain was up and Simon nodded over to it. 

"Now all we have to do is jump off the stage, up the isle and out the doors. That's were the base is, after that we win. The only problem is that Mr Smith will get mad if he recognizes us so take me hat. He hasn't seen you with it and he hasn't seem me without it," Simon said as he took off his black beanie and placed it on my head. "Ready? Stay close," Simon said as he grabbed my hand and started running. 

"We ran towards the stage that was full of actors and ran down the stairs. I saw Mr Smith look at us and started swearing at us to get off the stage. Simon pulled me up the isle and then out the doors. We now stood right outside the auditorium. We had won! Simon picked me up and spun me around. Then he set me down and I took off the beanie and handed it to him put he pushed it away.

"You keep it, I have another one," Simon said. I smiled and put it back on. It had been a really fun day.

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