Forever And Always *On Hold*

Sophie Turner lived a normal life until one night changed it all. After her mom left that night, Sophie was physically abused by her dad all the time. She finally was able to sneak out and get an apartment of her own. She didn't have any friends besides one person. They were the best of friends, he was always there for Sophie, until he went on the X-Factor to follow his dreams of singing. Its now been 2 years since the best friends have communicated with each other. Sophie's best friend is now part of the world's biggest boy band, One Direction. What happens when her best friend comes back to his hometown? Will they be the best of friends again? Or would the fame have gotten to his head?


2. Best Friends

Sophie's P.O.V

I woke up sweating and panting heavily. I had another nightmare about my dad. I use to always have somebody there to hold me and tell me everything was alright. we were best friends ever since we were 3, never leaving each others side, but one day he went to the X-Factor to follow his dreams of singing. I looked over at my nightstand and the clock said 9:15. I groaned and slowly got up out of my bed and made my way downstairs to my apartment kitchen. I made my way towards the refrigerator and got the carrots out. Everyday  I would always have carrots because they were my best friends favorite food.

I don't know why but today I was really missing him. We haven't communicated with each other in 2 years, cause of course he's busy all the time. What can I say though? He is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. The most famous boy band in the world. I'm glad he is famous and everything but if I could I would go back to when we were little kids and do everything together again. Who am I kidding, he probably doesn't even remember me. I just hope that the fame hasn't got to his head.

I walk over to the couch sit down, turn E! Entertainment on and eat my carrots. I was just about to turn the telly off, when something caught my attention. A picture of One Direction popped up on the telly. I was still about to turn it off but then the reporter said, "These 5 cute boys love all the fans and fame, but they said they need to take a break for a couple of months and go back to their hometowns." It was then that I realized I might see my best friend again. I was happy and all but there was still questions that were bugging me, like "Would he remember me? Would he still like me?" The worst one I thought of was "What if the fame got to his head?" I hope the same Louis that I once knew is the same when he gets back. I just then remembered I kept his phone number just in case I wanted to call him again ,but I never did.


Louis' P.O.V

I've really enjoyed my new life of fame. Everyday is always a new adventure. I've been hanging out with the guys for awhile now and i'm kinda of tired of hanging out with them and Eleanor. I know me and Eleanor are dating but it's not real. Management said we should "go out" for publicity. I just think that I need to go home and hang out with one of my girl-friends. Actually she's my best friend and I miss her so much. She probably doesn't even remember me tough. I hope she does. 

"Hey mate, what's up?" Harry says walking into our flat. "Nothing," I say sadly."Well, we leave tomorrow at 7:00 in the morning, you might want to start packing."Harry says. "I don't care." "Well you might get to see your best friend again?" I shot up and ran to my room to start packing. I totally forgot about her still living in Doncaster. After I finished packing I called my mum,

"Hey mum!" I say happily. "Sweetheart, I've missed you so much!" She says "I've missed you too mum." We talked for about 10 minutes before she said she had to go soon and she couldn't wait to see me. "Hey mum?" I asked before she hung up. "Yeah sweetheart?" "Ummm....I was wondering if you have talked to Sophie lately?" I ask hesitantly. "Actually, I ran into her at the park yesterday." She says. "Really." I asked smiling. "Yeah." "Hey mum, can I hangout with Sophie the whole time I'm visiting?" "Honey , I already had that planned out. I figured you two needed to catch up." "Really?" I ask. "Yeah, she is picking you up at 10:00 tomorrow at the airport and then you are staying at her apartment for the next couple of months." She says. "Thanks so much mum!" I say practically yelling at her because I was so excited. "Anything for you my little carrot. I got to go now, see you sometime hopefully!" She says. "Bye mum." And then she hung up.

I can't believe it, not only do I get to go back home, I get to hangout with the most important person in my life. It was now 10:30 and I decided to go to bed if I want to wake up early enough to get ready to see Sophie in the morning. I'm so excited, I'm pretty sure I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.

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