Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles)


"I'm sorry for letting you do this. Remember, I love you, forever and always," He says as he wipes every ounce of tears that were constantly falling with his thumb as he cups my face.

“No! Please!” I begged as they pulled Harry even faster, my grip slowly tugging away, but I managed to hold on. “It wasn’t his fault! I-It was mine!” I plead one more time, hoping this would enlighten them to take me instead of him.


1. Prologue and Chapter 1




Claire's POV


I woke up feeling very weak and wet, my memory unstable.

I looked around and noticed I was in a car.

Not just any old car,

I was in a limo.


Wait, what?!

A limo?


I jumped out of my seat and turned to a man in his early 40's. He looked quite sophisticated and somewhat formal.

Someone fancy is kidnapping me?

What the?

 I turned to the gentle man again and asked. "Who are you and where am I?" I asked, shaking from the coldness."You'll know in about five minutes." He said in a low voice. Five minutes? I wanna know now!

I couldn't keep my mouth shut. Why won't he tell me? Well he won't until we get there.

"Who are you!? Where am I!? Get me out now!" I kept repeating to him, not expecting his answer would change."No matter how much you ask, my mouth will always be kept locked." Ugh!

I just stared out the window for what seemed like a lifetime until the limo came to a sudden halt. I couldn't see the driver in the driver's seat anymore. I look to my right and see him opening the door for me. I raised my eyebrow and finally got out of the limo to face a big, familiar-looking place. At the back of my head, I thought of running out of here, anywhere but here, but I couldn't, I was too weak.

So far, my brain has been washed up, I couldn't remember anything and I can't think straight.

Anyways, also stood in front of me were men, a lot of men to be exact, standing firmly straight. What's this about?

I walked straight to the door with the driver close behind, probably getting ready if ever I run, which really won't happen.

As I knocked on the door at probably midnight, the big doors opened and all I see is light, very bright light. As I regained consciousness and vision, I stood there in awe as I saw all the famous artworks hanging on the walls and everywhere all around the spacious room. Nothing much is on the room, well except for the really huge staircase and a woman I might probably know from somewhere.

"Hello." I said, still shivering. "Jessica, give her a towel and a cup of hot chocolate." She summoned one of the ladies close by. "Hello." She then replied. "Who are you and what am I doing here?" I rapidly asked. "You do not know who I am?" She raised her brows. She really looks familiar, just can't put my finger on her. "I think I've seen you from somewhere, now please tell me who you are." I begged nicely. "I am Queen Denise of England. "Oh right, she's the queen. But if she's the queen then I must be in...

"Buckingham Palace!" She looked at me with eyes wide open as I examined the interiors again and realized that I said it out loud. I quickly covered my mouth and muttered and 'I'm sorry' before asking "Why am I here, your highness?" and curtsy before her. "If you do not recall, your parents' car crashed near your house and you went outside to see if they're still alive. They're still in the hospital. You slept at the end of your crying, people from the place thought you were dead so we had to save you." My eyes opened wide and remembered the tragic scene a few hours ago. My parents were gone, well not exactly.

"Why?" I asked. "Because you my dear are gonna be the future heiress of my crown." She came nearer. These thoughts had a couple of seconds of processing. Heiress to the crown? My emotions had a mix of happiness, confusion, and nervousness all in one. "In other words that you may understand, you are gonna be a princess and soon queen of England." She placed her hands on my shoulders, giving me a grin and my mind is filled up with so much information.


At my age of 15, being a princess won't be that bad. I mean royalty? That was like my dream when I was a kid. I don't worry about all the responsibility yet because I know I'm still too young to handle such large work. Grandma, or should I say the queen, will do it for me until I grow old enough to do them myself.


"I don't want it here! It's suffocating living here for nearly a year! At least take me out sometime." I protested in front of my grandma, knowing I can't take it here anymore. "Honey, you can't, princess rules. Your father would be disappointed in you." She said, trying to make this as harmless as possible. Dad is not king but he does watch over me and make the decisions on my behalf.

"The least you can do is send me to school, I don't want to study here. The old teachers here are ten times worse than what they have in school as far as I know." I gave her the honest truth on what I think about their estimated hundred-year-old strict teachers and from the looks of her face, she probably agreed with me. "We can't send you to school outside, it's just as similar as taking you out of the palace." She gave a pleading look but I didn't entertain. "Then I'm not gonna study." I crossed my arms, chinned up.

"Okay then." She replied calmly. "What?" I asked her, confused. "We'll let you not go to school." "Okay.." I said, sounding like a question. Did I win the debate? Because it feels like I didn't. Yeah, I won't get to school and all but still, I'm not gonna get out of this hell of a palace. I'll get her top send me to school or just out of here, wait and see.

I got out ofhe current room and up the stairs I go until I stood in front of a wide, quiet hallway. As I remembered from my ten months of being a princess, my room was on the fourth on my right. Every door looks exactly the same, there are probably like a hundred rooms here, yet no one uses them all.

I went in my room and turned on my big screen TV, X Factor was on. I haven't actually watched it, but since nothing good is on at this time of night, I decided to watch to pass the time.

Five, young, teenage boys were then seen sitting, blocking the narrow stairway, this might probably be another product of Simon Cowell. One dude there at the front, the loud yet funny one always caught my attention, why would I not? They're all very much different from each other. Curly, loud, blonde, dude with the Bieber hair and the bad boy dude. I went for a quick trip to the loo and as I was in, I can hear them sing an old song, Summer of '69. I have to admit, they've got talent. I got out of the loo as I let out a yawn. I turned off the television and crawled to my huge bed, closing my eyes shut.


Then it hit me, I didn't catch their names.


Chapter 1

Claire’s POV


“Princess Clarisse, the queen would like to see you,” One of the maids, probably two years older than me came in knocking on my door while I was still enjoying my deep slumber. “Tell her I just woke up, I’ll be there in a few, thank you Jessica,” And with that, she curtsied out of the room as I started my daily routine.

Not rushing myself, I strip out of my clothes and into the shower. I let the warm water drip down my spine then finally got the hang of the temperature.


Getting out of the bathroom, I started to set out my clothes then head out the hallway and down the stairs until I made my way to the dining room where I saw my grandma and my dad back from the hospital.

“Good morning father, grandmother,” I say elegantly, though faking it because my grandma would go mad at me. I never lost my old me.

You see, she hired someone to make me more elegant and presentable than before, and that indeed included speaking lady-like, no cursing. “Good morning Clarisse,” Both my dad and grandma say. I’ve actually told them to just call me Claire because it’s shorter and better than Clarisse, but after numerous useless attempts, they still went for the original because, after all, it’s more elegant. “Grandma, you said you wanted to see me,” I reminded her, she’s cool about me loosening my lady gestures inside the palace, just not outside where the papz are.

“Yes yes, you are going to a charity along with other celebrities,” She said. “And when is that?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. “It’s in a couple of days, during your long vacation,” She replied plainly as she takes a sip of her tea. “Then why are you telling me this now when you can say it like one or two days before the actual event?” I said, slowly raising my tone though she didn’t seem to hear it. “Just to remind you,” She replied. “Why?” I’m getting a bit more curious about this.


“Because you’ll be going to school tomorrow,” I turned to face my father, finally talking about this, both of them slowly creeping up a smile on their faces.


“School?” I said, half excited, half curious. “Remember what you said that you don’t want the teachers here? Well, we’re sending you off to school then,” “Really?” “You’ll be staying at an apartment there, make sure you answer my calls every now and then, okay?” Dad says, smiling. I just thought something though.

“Wait,” I say, trailing off. “I can’t live a normal life, seeing the princess of England everyday in school,” I watched as they scrunched their brows, both deep in thought. Grandma then summoned Jessica, the maid assigned to me, catering to my every need. She whispered a few words to her then left. I stood there curious.

“So?” I said, tapping my foot impatiently. “Patience, princess,” Dad replied. A long minute later, Jessica was back holding something behind her back. I tried to snuck a peak but she refused and gave it to grandma. “Close your eyes darling!” She commanded me as I just watched dad look at us. I gave him my ‘help me’ look and he replied. “I can’t do anything, she’s the queen!” He laughed as I gave in to whatever she might do to me. I slowly closed my eyes, still peeking a few times until I felt her putting something on my face. I quickly opened up my eyes to be greeted by a sort of dark vision which I now realized were my old pair of Ray Bans.

“No one will ever suspect it’s you!” She said as she took a few steps away, admiring how I look differently, which was definitely not true. “Grandma, it’s gonna take a lot of work than just a pair of Ray Bans,” I reminding her that I can take off the shades whenever I want, revealing my identity. “Right right, well we’ll handle this. Just enjoy your Sunday because tomorrow you’ll be living on your own,” She said, sort of having a hint of warning to me, but I can handle myself well. “My stuff?” I asked. “The books are already in your room and we’re starting packing it up for you, your highness,” Jess says, curtsying out of the room. “Thank you,” I say as I make my way to the royal garden to get some fresh air from all this.

From my two years, I still cannot believe I’m here. One minute my mum died in a car accident, then the next minute I get to be the heiress to my grandma’s throne. And now, I get to go back to school and be a normal student. How am I going to pull this one off?

Mum might know the answer. I have to admit, I really miss mum, it’s not that visible but dad and I both can feel it. I want to stay strong for her. She never should’ve died. I need advice on what I’m doing and where I’m going in the future. I’m sure she knows to rule this country better than me.

This is gonna be one heck of a high school and i know it.


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