Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles)


"I'm sorry for letting you do this. Remember, I love you, forever and always," He says as he wipes every ounce of tears that were constantly falling with his thumb as he cups my face.

“No! Please!” I begged as they pulled Harry even faster, my grip slowly tugging away, but I managed to hold on. “It wasn’t his fault! I-It was mine!” I plead one more time, hoping this would enlighten them to take me instead of him.


9. Chapter 9

Harry’s POV


“Hello,” I greeted her once she opened the door.

She’s awake at this time of day. By the looks on her outfit today, sweats, her hair in a messy bun and her mp3 player in touch, she was going jogging. “Why are you here?” She asks coldly. “And how did you know where I live?” She snapped, her eyes getting wider with anger. She must hate me a lot, a whole lot. I’ve changed her mood, just by one look on me. “I have my sources,” I remain calm while she doesn’t care and it turns me on for sometime. “Get out of here,” She locks the door behind her and goes down the stairs, not even acknowledging my presence.

“Wait, Claire,” I call out to her and she doesn’t seem to respond. “Where are you going?” I ask, making her stop. “Why do you care?” She snaps at me, then turns back around, putting on her earphones and start jogging. I immediately followed her till I was near her, then started jogging backwards so I could face her, which made her even more annoyed. “Why the hell are you here?” She asks between gritted teeth. “I just want to talk to you,” I told her, seriousness filling my eyes as I gazed upon her and she stopped jogging. “Why?” She asked straight forward, raising her brow in question. “Can we just settle this in the park, it’s just around the corner, that way you can finfish your jog,” I proposed to her and she nods, but ignores me still and starts focusing on jogging again and I quickly follow. She was fast and I almost couldn’t catch up on her, what kind of jog was this? Luckily, I managed to catch up. I didn’t want to let her think that I was weak, resulting to a future insult from her. I jogged backwards again so I could see her face as we jogged and she had this annoyed face and was muttering “Jerk,” and I just laughed, which made her more pissed off. She must want me to die, seeing how I mess with her with my presence.

I looked at her again and I did see a resemblance between her and the princess. Maybe they’re distant relatives? Who knows? Anything is possible these days. I suddenly felt unbalanced and I fell to the ground, standing up, I saw that I tripped on a rock. Why was I so clumsy at the thought of something related to Claire? She laughed hard and I can’t help but laugh too. I am clumsy, but I’m definitely not a jerk, I hope so.

We finally made it to the park and she decided to sit under a shady tree, while I buy food for the both of us. Hotdogs, hotdogs are good.

“Why are you here with me again?” She asks as I give her the hotdog, not even saying ‘Thank You’ that I bought it, but at the sight that she was slowly letting go of her cold self, and I was quite happy about it. “I wanna ask you something,” I tell her, sitting down beside her. She scoots a bit farther, loosening the gap between us and I ask. “Why do you hate me?” I don’t eat my hotdog and just look at her who is trying to look away. “Why do I hate you?” She turns to me, meeting my eyes. “Why do I hate you?” She asks again and I nod repeatedly. There was silence between us two then suddenly I hear her laugh, real loud. “You don’t know?” She laughs in hysterics while I sit there, confused why she did so. “I’m serious,” I tell her sternly, yet she still laughs. “I’m serious!” I tell her again, as if shouting and holding her wrists, not taking my eyes off her and she then stops laughing. I can’t believe I can control her like that, she finally stopped.

“You really don’t know?” I nod and she then starts being serious.

“Have you seen yourself with me earlier? You’re arrogant, a womanizer, Styles,” She says as she stands up and i felt as if I was shot by a gun in my chest at her reply..

Arrogant? A womanizer? I was speechless. I never thought one had the guts to say that to my face, but she just did, without pressure and it hurt, it hurt a lot. She must’ve researched about me being a womanizer, and how I behaved in front of her at our first encounter. She must’ve thought that I always get what I want, and that resulted to our fight, well I didn’t get what I wanted that day, so she was wrong.

I don’t want her to think of me like that. I know, I’m messed up. Management made me that way, and I don’t to stick to that, I’m not that kind of person deep down, and my friends know that pretty well.

I stood there, deep in thought, until I already saw her walking away. “Claire!” I ran up to her and grabbed her arm. “What do you want now? I already told you what you wanted to know, now get out of my life,” She snapped. “What can I do to make you stop thinking of me like that?” I asked, and to her, it was easy. “You can’t, first impressions always last,” She lets go of my grip and walks away, again. “Please. That wasn’t me the other day, please give me a chance,” I plead and she thought about it for a second. I really hope she’d say yes, I want to show her who I really am. I searched her for an answer so far, she tries to be unreadable. 

“You have two days to change the way I look at you,” She gave in as I gave her my puppy face and my heart did a triple back flip at her response. It’s like she controls me, she changes me with everything she does. When she hates me, I want to change that. When she’s happy, I literally jump and scream inside. I hugged her tight, and it felt good doing it. It felt so right doing this to her and as soon as she already thought this was getting awkward, she quickly lets go. “Okay, bye,” She walks away again and I grab her by the arm again. “I’ll drive you home,” I tell her, making my first move in changing the way she sees in me. “It’s alright. I can walk,” She declines and I ask again. “You said that I have two days to change your mind about me, and that starts now, so please, I insist,” I tell her and she soon nods and me being careful not to do anything that would make her think what she thought before.

The car ride was awfully quiet but we made it back to her apartment. “Goodbye,” She says, ready to go. “Wait, before you leave, give me your number,” I give her my phone and she starts thinking reluctantly then a few seconds later she presses numbers and gives me back the phone. “I’ll text you,” I say to her. “Alright,” She smiles a cute smile at me as I walked back to the Range Rover.

“I hate you Styles!” She screamed happily and I raise my brows in shock then smile. I know she’s just messing with me. I can change her statement, I said in my head.

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