Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles)


"I'm sorry for letting you do this. Remember, I love you, forever and always," He says as he wipes every ounce of tears that were constantly falling with his thumb as he cups my face.

“No! Please!” I begged as they pulled Harry even faster, my grip slowly tugging away, but I managed to hold on. “It wasn’t his fault! I-It was mine!” I plead one more time, hoping this would enlighten them to take me instead of him.


8. Chapter 8

Claire’s POV


“I thought you’d want to stay here the whole vacation?” Grandma asks me as I start packing more wigs. The old wig is already nasty. “Please grandma? I can take care of myself very well. Bye,” I kiss her check and hug dad goodbye before they even say anything and head to the limo outside where it’s waiting for me. I ask the driver to take me to the apartment and in no time, I got there quickly on this rainy night. I grabbed an umbrella and went out of the limo. It was midnight and no one was awake here, it’s a good thing.

I walked to my apartment slowly, careful not to slip because I’m wearing slippers, holding one of my favorite shoes on my other hand. I was just that clumsy enough to almost trip and didn’t manage to find the other shoe. That was a total waste, now I don’t get to wear my favorite shoes.

I unlocked the door to my room and went to bed, still holding the one shoe, without its pair. Why did I leave without it? Damn it. I was the last pair and I loved that.

Harry was different, sweet yet annoying but I don’t fancy him. Why would I fancy a guy like him? He’s got every girl in the world practically throwing themselves to his feet and I won’t become one of them.

It’s crucial to be in a relationship with a celebrity, more or less an international pop star. For one thing, they’re really famous and they would have a hard time, seeing they’ve got their busy schedules in hand, shows and interviews around the corner, they won’t have time for a relationship and I most certainly won’t have either. Not to mention all the rumors out to pop up. Harry is a womanizer, gets a girl at every party he goes and I am not gonna fall for that kind of bloke.

But he is really sweet and all. The way he acts like a gentleman to you, putting you first even if he doesn’t know you or you’ve only met once. Maybe it is a bit wrong for me to judge him that easily. Maybe I can give him a chance, at least be a distant friend.

But I will definitely not tell him my secret.

I opened up my laptop and opened up numerous websites. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad. I need to do more research on Harry and these websites are my greatest sources. I use the tags Harry, what was his last name again? Styles, got it.

On YouTube appeared several funny moments his fans have complied from ever concert or interview they have. I decided to watch that. On Facebook, I started liking One Direction fan pages to receive recent news and such from him and the others. Twitter does the same; I follow him, the boys, and the other fan pages to know the happenings in the fandom. I’m not actually a fan; I just want to know more about Styles. On Wattpad, I search Harry Styles and out pops up multiple fan fictions about him and I’m dying to read it to see the different sides of Harry in every story.

I checked the time and it’s 2am, no one is awake, but me. I’ve decided to devote my time to Harry Styles to gather more information than ask Jen to help me. I made a bunch of sandwiches. I think I can make anything that doesn’t include a stove, or an oven, or anything with fire so a sandwich is good. I also grab a big bottle of my favorite Apple Juice and put them on a tray on my bedside table. Let the search begin.

So far, there’s nothing funny about these funny moments, just comments filled with OMG I love Harry xx  and He’s so cute!. Seriously, what is up with people these days? Why would you call it Funny moments when you barely find anything funny in the video clips. Some girls just lost their minds. Or maybe i just don't get their humor. Nevermind. I decided to check out a video at the side that says Harry Styles facts. I’m just dying to know anything and everything about him.

It seems like he also likes Apple Juice like me, and passionate kisses in the rain? How cheesy.


Looks like he got another tattoo. What is with tattoos that it is so popular with teenagers? They’re just gross to me and I don’t like the fact that you got permanent ink stuck to your body, and by permanent, I mean permanent. I mean, look at Niall, he’s so pure, he’s the last man in the band who doesn’t have a tattoo. Good boy. Candace must be really lucky to have him in her life. They look so good together.

I scrolled through my wall and suddenly saw my face with Styles a few hours ago. Harry Styles with Princess Clarisse during the charity and they say we’re dating!? How bad could this get?

I viewed the comments and I already get hate. I didn’t do anything! I was Styles! I wasn’t the flirt, it was him. But it really lifted up my spirits as I looked through more comments and I see some denying the whole thing. Some even said we looked good together and I can’t help but feel my heart skipping a beat at the thought. What was happening to me? This thing has been happening since he came to the charity, I just didn’t get to say it. Stop it Claire, he’s a womanizer, a flirt. I shake off the thought and move on to Twitter.


The same photos and news shown and it also made a trend. Princess Clarisse and Harry Styles Really!? We just met then they already think that we’re dating? They’re wrong, totally wrong.


So far, I’ve read a fanfic about Harry. I know, I’m a fast reader, plus I really like the story. Harry was really nice in the story, but then the story included the arrogant womanizer that he really is, and I can’t believe that they’re together in the end. How can she keep up with him? All the rumors about Harry being with other girls. Can she take all that pain? These stuff can never really happen in real life. But it was really sweet in the end, they were still together after what went through them the whole time. Just that simple reminder that nothing like that can ever happen to me.


 I checked the time, 6am. That was quite a search. I need a break. My eyes are sore, real sore from staring at the screen with lights off –yup, I’m taking care of myself good-. I went to the bathroom for a long bath to wash off my make-up from last night and to soothe my tired eyes and body.

As I was ready to get out, I set out my clothes and new wig. I set out the clothes, I decided to go jog today, because my grandma wants me healthy, and searching for your stalker is never healthy.

I held my wig, didn’t put it on yet, when someone knocked on the door. Who would be out at, 6:30 in the morning? Well, for that matter, me. Whoever that is, knocked again, maybe it’s Jen, by the way I hear her knock, ever so lightly. I hurry to wear my wig and run off to the door, not to keep Jen waiting.

“Hello,” No, that was nothing like Jen.

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