Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles)


"I'm sorry for letting you do this. Remember, I love you, forever and always," He says as he wipes every ounce of tears that were constantly falling with his thumb as he cups my face.

“No! Please!” I begged as they pulled Harry even faster, my grip slowly tugging away, but I managed to hold on. “It wasn’t his fault! I-It was mine!” I plead one more time, hoping this would enlighten them to take me instead of him.


7. Chapter 7

Harry's POV



"You ready?" Liam asked all of us before he opened the door of the van. These fan definitely go anywhere we go, like today, to the hospital. We're doing charity work here and it's not my first time, and I just love being around kids and I think they love being around me as well.

When we made our way to the entrance, with Paul and the other bodyguards beside us, I felt like what happened a few days ago is happening again.

I've been acting like a fool these days, smiling at every memory of Claire and how she hated me.

She's so pretty, oh why am I thinking that?

Why does she constantly run through my mind sine the day we met?

Again, why did she have this effect on me? All these questions will hopefully be answered once I meet her again, which won't be that hard anymore, because I already know where she lives. I'll just have to finish the day without thinking of her.


"We'll go to the children on the second floor," Niall says, grabbing Louis even before I do. I make a grumpy face and Louis does his he-was-first face and I look betrayed and they just laugh.

"We go to the elderly!" Zayn looks at Liam as he says the words. "Sorry, we were first," Zayn tells me and I let out another grumpy face. But I wanna be with the elderly! I scream like a baby in my mind. "Where should I go then?" I ask them, a bit pissed off but I won't let them ruin my day. "You can go- to the playground," Zayn checks a paper just as Niall and Louis went to the second floor.

"Playground?" I ask, telling them to give me more details. "There are kids there, you'll love them," Liam tells me, a smile on his face. "Down the hall, a door that'll take you out back, that's where the playground is," Tells Paul, knowing he went there. I walk towards that door, just like what Paul said.



Claire's POV



I enter the hospital, along with the queen and dad, and it seems even my grandma has fans, some people -not all are teenagers- gather around her to either take a photo or have her signature, which leaves me with dad at the side.

"Miss?" A small tug at my skirt made me turn back down to see a little girl. "Hello," I bend down to her level so we were eye to eye. "Are you the princess?" She asks, pointing to my crown while her mouth is busy sucking her thumb. "Yes darling, now where are you going?" I ask her, seeing her fussing around somewhere. "Over there," She manages to mutter out, pointing to an open door which leads outside. I then lifted and carried her, she was quite heavy , but I can handle her.

"What's your name, baby?" I play with her hair and pinch her cheeks. "Darcy," She says with a smile, her green eyes shimmering with happiness. I see she lost some teeth, how cute! I keep on talking to her while we go outside. I open the door and was greeted by lovely green grass, more kids playing on the swings and slides. I see Darcy moving vigorously, awaiting me to let go of her and soon let her down. I did so and she run off full-speed to the slide where she climbed up the stairs and down the slide.

She looked so happy; she's free, nothing to hide, unlike me, concealing myself to stay out of the light. I stood there, watching Darcy as she goes to the slide back and back again. "Good morning princess," A caretaker beside me greets, her bright face radiating the sunlight. "Good morning to you too," I reply the same way. "I see you've met Darcy. She's extra happy today because her sister is now a cancer survivor, she's never looked this happy ever since she knew Daisy had this severe sickness, plus she's been talking about how she's been wanting to be a princess, and now she met a real one." She said gladly, like it's been a long time since she became this happy. "Wow," Was all I can say. I never thought a little girl like her went through those times and just seeing me will totally make her day. I felt happy watching Darcy as she steals a few glances at me and waves.

I was having fun watching Darcy until I heard a squeak from the door, signaling someone entering. He had this negative look on his face then turned into a grin when he saw the view with the kids. He then eyed me out of all the other people here then I feel my blood boil with anger and my knees trembling with fear.

It was Harry.

Why, in a million years would he be here? I was already happy! Then he came, yet I was scared because he saw the other side of me, the princess, not Claire. What if he eyed me good and noticed the resemblance? I should act natural, like I've heard of him. He's coming near me, I can't breathe nor move. He's got this annoying smirk on his cute face. Wait, cute? I hate him.

"Good morning, your highness." He bows in front of me; a respectful smile replaces his annoying smirk. I gritted my teeth angrily. Why does he act like this? He's obviously doing this for first impressions; well it won't work for me.

"Hello." I say between gritted teeth, preventing myself from bursting out cursing him, even if I don't know how. "I'm Harry Styles." He says next as he sits at the empty space on the bench. As he sits, I feel myself siting rigidly, not making eye contact while he tries to find his way through my eyes. He really is a born stalker. I turn my head roughly to face Harry, a stiff smile plastered on my face.

"Are you alright? You look stiff, your highness." He says softly, concern filling his voice. I can't believe he noticed.

"And familiar." He continued and I froze again. How did he know? Panic mode, total panic mode.

Act natural Claire, like you don't know what he's talking about. "What are you talking about?" I ask sternly, though deep inside, blood is flowing in my veins, fast. I can't let him do this in front of witnesses. "Nothing, you just remind me of someone, never mind that, I'm sorry." He mumbles, a shy smile on his lips and a dimple showing on his cheek. He looks so cute this way, wait what?

He looked at me intently, as if searching something in my eyes, and I can't help but either stare back or refrain from doing that, but I am sure that my knees are shaking and I can't move a muscle, sweat is dripping down my face and he's still staring, like looking into my soul. Darcy then ran towards me and Harry and thank God I can control myself again. Thank you Darcy.

"Hi Darcy!" I lift her up and hug her tight. Harry turned to us and said "Her name is Darcy?" He plays with her hand and she nods slowly, playing with his curls. She then gets out of my grasp and into Harry's. I sort of felt betrayed that Darcy picked Harry over me, but I didn't mind anymore, after all, she's just a kid. I looked at him and he looked so good with children, they get along pretty well.


"Princess, lunch time." Dad interrupts Harry and Darcy's moment and I stand up, holding Darcy's hand. "Want to have lunch with us?" He stands up, holding his hand out, expecting me to hold it. "Okay," I play with him a bit and chuckle at the look on his face. He looked so confused on why I didn't hold it.

He probably thought I fancy him, but I don't.


 Or do I?


 Me and Darcy went back inside the reception area and there were the other boys of One Direction and a few boxes of pizza ready to be eaten on the table. "Grandma, I'd rather eat here, is that alright with you?" I asked her permission because I know that we'd go to a fancy restaurant and spend loads of money just for lunch and it's just a big hassle. "If you want." Was all she says and I grab her hand, insisting to come and eat with us. She smiled and nodded and we both grab pizza with dad. We sit on the couch at the corner for dad to get us our pieces of pizza and to my surprise, dad got grandma's piece but mine wasn't. Maybe dad thought that I was old enough to get my own. I stood up to get them my own then I suddenly bumped into a chest and looked up to see Harry. "Here's your pizza." I had to get one fast or else Niall would munch them all in a second." He handed me a big piece and I laugh at his statement and I can't help but notice that, he's actually sweet. "Thank you." I say shyly. He actually didn't have to go through all that trouble to get my piece of pizza. I don't always need a server or something. I sit back down and he stands in front of me while eating.

He's different yet he's the same Harry. He was annoying yet sweet, but maybe he's doing this -like what I said before- for impressions because he is in front of the princess after all. I am now convinced that he is really sweet from his gestures today but I still can't trust him with Claire's secret. He's a huge popstar and I just- I can't trust him. I'll have to see him again, but as Claire, but how? I can't just tell him to go to the mall near Claire's school for just no apparent reason. I just need to see him, I really do.


Harry's POV

This is just so awkward. It's just that, Princess Clarisse looks so much like Claire. Maybe it's all in my head, but I do see a resemblance between them, but I didn't tell the princess. I really can't get the both of them out of my head. I really have to see Claire. Tomorrow? The day after that? I just have to see her. I need to ask her why she hates me and that's it, I guess.

"Ready mate?" Liam says again, like this morning. I nod, then listening to the queen's speech and I can't help but find Princess Clarisse in the crowd. she was at the front and she smiled at me. I smiled back and I felt shivers down my spine. Am I even allowed to have these feeling? Do I fancy the princess? I know I haven't talked to her that much but I feel like I have a really strong connection with her of some sort. I kept my gaze on her and she did the same for what seemed like a lifetime until I heard the screaming audience signaling our turn to take the stage.


 You don't know oh-oh

You don't know you're beautiful oh-oh

You don't know you're beautiful

That's what makes you beautiful


I play the last note of the well-known song then the lights went out, allowing us to go backstage. Throughout the whole performance, my eyes were locked on the princess and the princess only. Why did she have this effect on me? This was our first -and maybe final- encounter because princesses are not allowed to go out of the palace, right? I think. All I know is I want to see the princess and Claire again to solve my problems right now.

"How did I do, your highness?" I grabbed her hand as she went up the stage when this was all over. The other boys are in the backstage and we are the only people on the stage with the stage lights still on. "You were great, Mr. Styles." She says and I can't help but smile and skip with happiness at her generous opinion. "Um- you can call me Harry; we're practically the same age, your highness." I insist because Mr. Styles is just too formal for teenagers like us. "Okay, Harry." She says, trying to get used to my name. Our eyes met again and we stood there for a minute until I mover a bit closer to her. "Princess, time to go." A man calls her and she just nods. "Coming." She then turns to me. "Goodbye." Was all she said and I just don't want her to go yet. Who knows when are we gonna meet again? She hurried down the stairs until she almost tripped, no wonder it was a bit dark, only the stage is lit up. "Oh, my shoe." She tries to find it but fails and just bring her other shoe and walk barefoot out of the room.

I then turned the lights of the room to find her shoe and it was there, hidden behind the stairs. Maybe I could use this as an excuse to see her again. I looked at the shoe again and it looked quite familiar, black and white stripes. I remembered buying this for Claire. Maybe they owned the same pair, this is a very common pair after all. "Harreh, let's go home. I'm tired." Louis shrieks like a baby from the backstage, his voice droopy.

"Coming." I say, walking to get Lou but my eyes still on the shoe. "Oh, Cinderella?" Louis lives up and mocks as we got in the Range Rover and hand him the shoe. "What? No, it's the princess', she left it." I explain to him and he looks quite satisfied with my answer. "Ah, I've seen that you two were quite close today. Have you known each other?" He asks again, quite interested. "Actually, this is our first encounter but I feel we have a sudden connection with each other somewhere. She resembles Claire , you know?" I tell him and think, what if the princess is Claire? I thought about it for a second and think, that's ridiculous. Maybe they just look the same and own the same pair of shoes but she can never be her.

"I did notice the resemblance, and so did the other boys, my man." He smiles, examining the shoe. "So, do you like Princess Clarisse?" He turns to me as I try t focus on the road. "Maybe." I tell him softly, unsure of my answer. "How about Claire?" He asks next, looking for a better answer. "Maybe." Was my answer again and he laughed. "You need to set you feelings straight, my friend." He advices me. "I know, I have many things to ask Claire and I need to give that back to the princess." I tell him once I stopped the car.

Why did I like the princess? I made an interview with myself.

Well, because she was nice and when I first laid eyes on her, I felt an immediate connection with her -like what I said before-.

Well, how about Claire? Well, Claire is different. She hates me and I don't know why, and I am definitely willing to find out. And I like the way she hates me, she was strong for disliking me and she is one hell of a challenge and I, for one love a good challenge, but she really is hiding something. Something in her eyes tell me that and I also want to know to help her on whatever that may be. Well this has been a great interview with myself, if I do say so myself. It made my mind a bit organized about my feelings. Now I need too sleep this off because tomorrow is a new day.

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