Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles)


"I'm sorry for letting you do this. Remember, I love you, forever and always," He says as he wipes every ounce of tears that were constantly falling with his thumb as he cups my face.

“No! Please!” I begged as they pulled Harry even faster, my grip slowly tugging away, but I managed to hold on. “It wasn’t his fault! I-It was mine!” I plead one more time, hoping this would enlighten them to take me instead of him.


6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV



I do not know why I just felt this now. I do not know why but I feel something strange towards Claire, like she's hiding something. I saw it once when I looked into her eyes when we fought over her shoes, she looked pretty much covered-up. And the time when I caught a glance of her when I was near her school, she wasn't downstairs like the other girls, trying to get me. There's something that I want to know about, a secret she's not willing to tell andkeeps me intrigued this early in the morning.

Why does she have this effect on me?

On a regular girl, I'd easily forget, but with her, it was different, she was different, and I want to know why she is like that. It's bothering me, hard. Am I attracted to her? Yes, but that's not the only thing why I want to know her, all leads back to her secret. I want to know, who knows maybe I can help her with whatever she's hiding, but for that to happen; I need to see her again. I haven't talked to her formally after the first time, nothing the amazing Harry Styles couldn't do. I just have to find her and with charms like mine, she'd open up to me any time.

Now, finding her, how do I do that? She didn't tell me her last name and it's hard only searching 'Claire'. There are like a billion girls named the same, so it's gonna be difficult. But I have my sources.


My phone!


I forgot I took a picture of her once. I just need to find her, and I just know exactly where. I quickly changed into a more decent top and a beanie and felt my balance uneven until I fall, my face flat on the ground. I saw that I slipped and fell on Louis' pillow, why didn't I see that? Clumsy me.

"Why the loud thud, mate?" Louis says, waking up. "Sorry," I mumble as I slowly stand back up, keeping myself balanced. "I need to find Claire, I need to end this thought of her," I tell him. Being my flat mate, I tell him anything and everything first before the rest of the lads. He knows me so well, we get along magically, that's why Larry Stylinson is that famous. Just by looking at my slightly damaged and curious face, he'd know there's something or someone's bothering me, for instance, like now, Claire.

"I'm in," Says Louis, already going through his closet, finding something to where. "And where exactly are we gonna find her, Harreh?" He asks. "Where I last saw her, around the mall and her school," I say, confidence filling my lips. "Good idea mate, let's go!" He grabs my wrist and drags me out of the flat and drives the car to the school she's attending.


We got out of the Range Rover to the abandoned view. "No one's here," He says, looking at me with the same confused face stuck on mine. "I don't get it," I froze, I thought I'd find her here. I was confident enough that she was here, but now I feel utterly stupid, I even brought Louis here for nothing. I didn't think this through enough. "You need more clues, mate," He says, as if reading my mind. "How?" I say, almost giving up.

"Gimme your phone," He orders sassily and I laugh, giving him the phone, not knowing where this is going. Outside the school, we see a girl, probably from here, Louis then approaches the girl. "Louis, what-" I say but he cuts me off. "Shh!" Was all I heard from him, then having a small conversation with the girl. He then shows her the phone and the girl soon talks to him. After a few more minutes of talking, the girl leaves and Louis comes back, a plain look on his face.

"She says she knows Claire and she was out for the long vacation. She lives in the apartment next door," He says, pointing to the building next to the school and I nod. "She gave me her room number," He continues. He then gave me a small piece of crumpled paper written 203, which happens to be her room number.

"Lou, you're the best," I say laughing. I didn't think he'd get more information than why she wasn't here, more or less her room number. "Leave it to Tommo to get the detective work done," He boasts. "Now, let's head back to the studio, we're almost late," He then becomes serious, handing back my phone.

I let him go first to the Range Rover and I just catch up. Looking at her picture on my phone and the information he has gathered. I can't believe I'm this close to finding her and ending this all. This won't be hard, I tell myself.




Claire's POV



"Dad? Grandma? I'm home," I called out, my voice echoing through the walls of the palace.

"Jess, where are they?" I asked as she stood in front of me. "They're out for a meeting somewhere, but they are expecting you, your highness," She said, turning her head, ready to walk.

"Wait, Jess, can you come with me to my room?" I stopped her and she did, turning her head again, a muddled look on her face. "Yes, your highness," I smile a wide smile as she accepted my offer and followed close by as I went up the stairs and to the quiet hallway. I unlocked the doors and Jess closed it as she went in.

"What do you need, princess?" She stood in front as I lay on the big bed, relaxing. I quickly remembered her presence and sat up straight, patted the empty space beside me. She gave another confused look, raising one eyebrow. "I want to talk to you," I told her, I then looked up to her and I saw her face filled with shock, eyes wide open and feeling herself sweat.

"Are you going to f-fire me?" She said nervously, sweat slowly dripping down her face.. "No, calm down, I'm not that mean," I said, grabbing her by the shoulders, dragging her to sit on the bed. "Thank you, your highness," She tensed down a bit, but a little stiff sitting beside me.

"Okay, first up, stop calling me that. We're practically the same age, when you talk to me, act like a teenager, got me?" I pointed my index finger at her and she looked shocked, again. "Okay, Claire," She said slowly, trying to get used to this. "Good. Now Jess, I want to tell you something," I looked a bit shy, opening up to her. She nodded, asking me to continue.

"It's like, someone's watching my every move, in and out of the palace, and it's bothering me everytime I go out," I looked into her eyes, awaiting an answer. "Maybe it's just in your head. You're so much afraid of someone finding you out, that you always hide And if that's not the case, someone might actually be stalking you," She talked, at first serious but then laughed, and it made me laugh too. I can't believe she's already this calm beside me and it's only been five minutes. I'm so happy for her.

"That second one might be true," I trailed off my voice and she looked quite a bit interested. "What do you mean?" She raised her brow and scooted closer. "I've seen a guy twice this week, and he just annoys me, very much," I scrunched my eyebrows at the thought of him. I hate him. "Maybe it's just a coincidence or destiny perhaps," She trailed off, her brows moving up and down. "Destiny? No way! I hate him. Hope not to see him again," I told her, pure anger written all over my face. "How would you know you hate him? You've only met twice. I think you'll be seeing more of whoever he is," She smiled and I form a perfect 'O' in shock. "How would you know?" I asked, crossing my arms in disbelief. "Destiny I tell you. It only comes once in a lifetime," She lectures me, half joking and half serious.

We suddenly heard a honk of a car signaling dad and grandma are already back. I stood up with her, guiding her to the door. "You really miss being a teenager, huh?" I grinned at her and she smiled back. "Yes, absolutely," She says. "Don't forget practice, be down," She continued on saying before closing the door behind her. "Yeah, Jess," I laugh.

I was exhausted, I don't know why. I barely moved the past ten minutes. Maybe it's in my mind, I have been thinking a lot lately and wearing me down. Harry's fault.


What if what Jess said was actually true?


 Were we really destined to meet?


 No way, it only happens in stories, they never happen in real life.



"Okay, this is the first time you'll be seen by the people, so sit up straight!" Grandma's friend is helping me act like a princess because i already am one. He or she just kicked my seat, telling me to sit up straight, how do they do it?

How can they sit upright without breaking a bone or something? And cross your feet? How does my grandma live? Am I really related to her? She obviously lives like a queen and I am expected to be like her, I can't even sit like her!

And this guy is definitely a he, but he acts more like a she to me, better at being elegant, that's for sure.

"Don't walk like a gorilla! Walk like a woman, like this," He then struts his stuff down the middle, wearing 5-inch heels while grandma grins at him, also impressed at the way he/she walks. "Now you do it," He turns his head, his eyes motioning to me and I start straightening my back and walking straight, trying to copy what he just did and how I see princesses on TV.

I close my eyes and breathed deeply as I finished. I opened my eyes and I saw grandma and her friend's faces filled with shock. "What did I do?" I looked back at them, trying to find an answer and slowly I saw their faces getting brighter and brighter. "You were amazing!" He said, jumping up and down.

"You remind me of your mum," Grandma said, shedding a tear and she hugs me as I also shed a tear. "She's gonna be so proud of what you become," She smiles but signs of crying still visible. "Thanks grandma, but I'm gonna have to take a break," I silently told her, wiping off the tears from my face and muttering an 'I'm sorry' for the tear stains on grandma's shirt. They let me leave a few minutes so I went to the nearest bathroom to wash my face and tense down a bit.

I miss mum, I really do. I love her so much and she was my only best friend, well, I was sociable but no one understood me like my mum did. When she left, I was all alone until dad finally noticed. We weren't as close, compared to me and mum but he tries and I love him for that and we both know for a fact that no one can ever replace her in our lives.

 I washed my face to get rid off any signs of crying made a while ago. I have to do this, for mum, and for charity. The charity is happening in a few hours and I am not gonna let anyone down. I don't want any paparazzi to know anything beyond Princess Clarisse. I can do this, this'll be easy. After all, I like helping and after that, they'll have a charity concert to earn more money.


Take a deep breath, Claire. You can do this, it's not like you'll see the Harry guy again. Oh why was he back in my brain!?



I hate him, that's it.

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