Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles)


"I'm sorry for letting you do this. Remember, I love you, forever and always," He says as he wipes every ounce of tears that were constantly falling with his thumb as he cups my face.

“No! Please!” I begged as they pulled Harry even faster, my grip slowly tugging away, but I managed to hold on. “It wasn’t his fault! I-It was mine!” I plead one more time, hoping this would enlighten them to take me instead of him.


5. Chapter 5

Claire's POV



I decided to stay at home today since it was the start of our long vacation and the charity will be tomorrow, so I better make the best of today. I cooked myself a-not-so-five-star-breakfast. Yes, I know very well that I don't know how to cook but I saw how they made decent eggs and bacon back at the palace and I have to say, I still wasn't good. After numerous failed attempts of making the perfect scrambled eggs, I finally made one, almost got burned like the last ones, but not totally burned, it was still edible for some sort, but hey, at least I did it, sort of. My breakfast wasn't that much of a total failure, pouring in my favorite apple juice into a tall glass and chugging it down in a matter of seconds.


I ran straight to the bathroom, taking off this itchy wig of mine, forgetting I should've taken this off last night before I went to bed. This wig really changed my identity a lot. A few days have already passed and still, no one knew who I was, which is a great thing for me because for once I can live under the lights.


When could I actually take this off and live normally?


 Will that even happen, or will I keep on hiding myself justto live in peace?


 As soon as I finished taking a bath, I wrapped my robe around my body and went to my room. I had a feeling for something casual and comfortable today, like always. I opened up the curtains to let some sunlight strike through the windows and in the room. It's a really good day for a walk, I tell myself. The sun is not too bright today and the breeze is just fine. Who wouldn't want to go out today? I grabbed my purse and locked the door behind me and decided to have a relaxing stroll at the park.


As I walked through the park, I can't help but feel like someone's been looking, more or less staring at me from afar.. I still try to hide myself by wearing a pair of shades though I know perfectly well that none will pull out my wig and shades and run off into the distance, leaving me frozen with all the people and papz taking photos and asking why am I out of the palace or why did I run away from there. I looked around once more and didn't notice anyone suspicious-looking so I tried to put my guard down and finish walking through the park so I can get to the mall.


So much for relaxing walk in the park. I thought to myself.


Walking around I see a lot of restaurants just begging me to come and eat at each one. I looked to my left and there it stood, Nandos, my favorite out of all the others.

Whenever I didn't feel like eating the food made in the palace, I secretly order, with Jess' help of course, to get a meal. I ordered my usual, Peri-Peri Chicken, and sat down.

Waiting for my meal to arrive, I looked at a familiar store close by and see that they don't have the black and white-stripped shoes like mine. Sold out? Maybe. I think I just got really lucky getting these shoes. Well, not really. I never actually bought these, someone gave them to me.

Somehow I never forgot about him. I've been wearing these pair ever since that Harry guy gave them to me. Not because of the giver, but because of the comfort the shoes give. Nothing more, nothing less. And let's not forget when we caught each other's gaze when he was near our school. What is with this guy that we always see each other? I know, just twice, but still! That's too much! I hate him, despise him, loathe him. He's just plain arrogant and that's what I dislike about people.

Normally, I'd let this one go, but he was stuck in my head like bubblegum. Shake it off, Claire, just shake it off. I tell myself.

 Good thing the food just came, kept my mind off -you know who-, I'm starving from all this thinking. I take my time, eating slowly until I feel myself uncomfortable, like someone was watching my every move, why do I always feel like this? I think I'm just too scared of anyone knowing me. From the corner of my eye, I see someone, somewhat curly-headed and its creeping me out. It could be Harry again. It's too often and creepy that we end up seeing each other. I don't want him meeting me again, knowing me and telling the world, I can't live, or at least eat at Nandos in peace. I turned my head a bit to get a better picture but to my surprise, no one suspicious was there. A curly dude, hair similar to Harry's but not him. I'm so frightened and at the same time angry at him.


 Why do I see him everywhere?




I want a rest, no wait, I need a rest. I'm sure I'll get my mind off him once I leave at midnight and be back to the palace, so there I spend my long vacation where I feel protected from seeing that Harry bloke. I walked as fast as my feet could take me, just to get home. I quickly grabbed the keys to my room and unlocked the door, putting my purse and shoes down the floor and ran full-speed to the bed. I need to tell someone my problems, there's just too much. Tired day this has been.


  I checked the time and its 8:30, I've slept for quite a while. I have nothing to do now. I ain't packing my stuff because I already have them at the palace. This is gonna happen more often where there's an event that they might need the princess to arrive.

I went for a quick trip to the fridge, I grabbed the can of chocolate ice cream I had bought and went back to the bed. I opened up my laptop and went to Facebook. I scrolled through my wall where, there unexpectedly pop up a photo of the boy whom I least likely want to see.


 Why do I have this?


Ugh, Ignore and scroll down.

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