Once In A Lifetime (Harry Styles)


"I'm sorry for letting you do this. Remember, I love you, forever and always," He says as he wipes every ounce of tears that were constantly falling with his thumb as he cups my face.

“No! Please!” I begged as they pulled Harry even faster, my grip slowly tugging away, but I managed to hold on. “It wasn’t his fault! I-It was mine!” I plead one more time, hoping this would enlighten them to take me instead of him.


3. Chapter 3

Claire’s POV


I sat on my usual seat in class, and for the first time, I could understand all the things the girls were saying and laughing about. Everything made sense at last. Their ‘No! Jimmy protested’ line was from a book Louis read in one of the video diaries and by then, it has been said by directioners all over the world. I couldn’t believe I could take up even the tiny bit of information about One Direction and store them in my brain in a matter of hours.

“Harry got a new tattoo!?” One of the girls said in shock and soon, the other girls came closer to her and others even gasping at the small news. I silently laugh at how they do such, how they care about their lives more than their own, how they break down when they just smile, or wink, or anything and everything they do. No offence to them, they’re just fun to watch.

“Good morning class,” The teacher entered and everyone else stopped at what they were doing and return to their seats.


In the middle of class, I saw something peculiar happening between the students and I’m that curious to know what it is. I looked closer and saw them passing notes while the teacher is writing something on the board. I think she already knows because of the constant murmuring, but I know she doesn’t care. I tried to concentrate, getting my mind of this curiosity but then the note unexpectedly came around the far end of the room landed on my table. I tried to ignore it, but then a girl beside me kept on dragging me by looking to open the note. Giving in to whoever she is, I open the note which read:


Come to Megan’s party tomorrow, you’re invited.*Make sure you bring a present, she’s that demanding and she’ll hate you. –Jen


Looks like I’m going shopping later this afternoon, I barely even know this girl but I’m supposed to buy her a gift, like I know what she wants. She’s a popular, what should I give her?

Time went by so fast, thinking of a perfect gift for this Megan girl. Lip gloss? No. The gift of friendship? No, too ridiculous, and just plain weird. What should I give her!?

I just now realized that I’m in the mall because of the small thought of what I should give Megan in my mind. I looked around, greeted by colorful boutiques and shops, screaming ‘buy me’ with every item. They just look so perfect; I don’t know which one to buy. I’ve looked over to every store and still found nothing, nothing at all. It’s very weird that I see all the right gifts but I have found nothing. You know I’m starting to give up on this.


You know what? Eating could just lift my spirits up.


I went for McDonalds since it was nearest. I ordered my usual McNuggets and large pineapple juice. Although it was small, it really filled my empty stomach; I was even more than full. Why don’t I just cook food, you know? I also ask myself the same question. It’s just that I can’t cook. I can’t live because I can’t cook. The chefs in the palace do it for me and sometimes I just want to learn how they do it, you know. It’s just unfair for you to just eat and not know how to cook. I’ll have to learn how to cook before I get married. I wrote a mental note in my head.


I exited the restaurant with a new and full spirit of just buying her a gift, it doesn’t have to be special, just a gift worth giving would be alright, like she’ll even open it up someday, maybe she’ll just burn it in the fireplace. I passed many shops looking at the sales and all until I passed something.

“Wait,” I went back a few steps to the store and I think I just found it, the right store. I knew this was the one, just by the looks of it. I just need a nice of shoes to find then I’ll be done. I look around for about five minutes for a cute design until I laid my eyes on the perfect shoes. It was beyond beautiful. I can’t believe I’d be head over heels for shoes, I’ve never felt like these over just a pair of shoes before. I think I just fell in love with them and think I don’t wanna go to that party anymore, I don’t care if I’m not popular, I’ll just have to finish high school then I’m out of here. I’m gonna take these shoes home. I told myself. “This is the last pair, ma’am,” The lady said, I nodded and without hesitation, I grabbed the one shoe, without its pair and felt someone also taking the shoe.


“I found this first!” I screamed, not bothering to look up at the person, he seemed to be tall. Oh, why would I think that? I just want the shoe! “This is mine!” I raised my brows. Who would’ve thought this was a dude? His voice was deep. I was expecting a feminine, but this bloke is strong, but I won’t give in. I finally looked up to see a guy’s mop of curly chocolate brown hair and inviting deep, green eyes. “This is for my friend!” He pulled the shoe closer to his chest. “Well me too!” I pulled it back to me and we were constantly fighting over it for what seemed like an hour until both of us tugged it a bit harder and both of us fell flat to the ground and a loud thump was heard.

He was then assisted by two, big, brawny men then looked at me with piercing eyes as the boy tried to fix himself up and me, trying to stand up without assistance. “How dare you do that to Mr. Styles? You are forbidden to come near him!” One of the two said. “Fine. You can have your shoe!” I said coldly. I’m just pissed off right now. It was clear that I saw it first, it was just plain unfair! I threw the shoe accurately at him and it hit his chest then landed on his huge hands. I quickly grabbed my shoulder bag and storm out the shop before I make another scene and anyone realize who I am when I’m supposed to stay hidden.


It’s just a shoe, you have lots of those at the palace.


But I was the last pair!


Just forget it, there are more important matters, like your identity.


What a self-absorbed bloke he is! Who does he think he is anyway? And those bodyguards of his? Is that rich and famous that even going to the mall, you need two? I just couldn’t care less about it.


“Wait, miss?” An annoying tone echoed in the store which made me turn my head, oh, surprise, it’s him again. “I’m sorry about what happened there,” He apologized as he handed me a bag. “What’s this?” I asked curiously, trying to open up the bag but there was a part of me that didn’t want to accept it for a few reasons. “It’s the pair of shoes we were fighting over,” He chuckled, remembering the moment and it even made me angrier. I hate him for laughing over that. “I think you need it more,” He insisted. “No, I lied,” I gave back the bag, but he declined. “You’re a girl, take it,” He said, growing a smile on his lips, a dimple indenting his cheeks. “No!” I protested, raising my voice a bit but I think he heard it. I’m not gonna take a pair of shoes from a stranger I just fought with. “I’m not gonna fight with you anymore, just take it,” He pushes the bag closer to me and I give in accepting it with a bit of happiness and anger in receiving it. Yes, it was the shoe I wanted but again, it came from an unknown dude whom I just had a fight with, and receiving the shoe, the memory of the fight rubs off on the shoe.

“Thank you,” I said, looking down. “You’re welcome, and your name?” He sounded arrogant, which still made me dislike him. I just couldn’t tell him my name.

Claire, keep in mind about your identity.

“Claire,” I covered my mouth at the last minute and noticed it was too late, I already blurted out my name and I was sure he heard it by the look on his face, a contented smile and amused laugh. “What a suited name for a lovely girl like you,” He also sounded cheeky. Why would he call me lovely when he barely knew me and that he had a fight with me, still he had the guts to call me lovely?

I did like the surprise gift but I still didn’t like him. I just nodded, smiled and, turned my back to walk away until I felt a grip on my wrist.

“Wait,” He then moved me beside him, then holding my waist in one swift motion. He grabbed his iPhone with his free hand and took a picture. I was barely ready; I must’ve looked like a mess. “Thank you,” He then says, laughing. “I wasn’t ready!” I shrieked at his face, my face red with anger and embarrassment, and fear and that made him laugh even more. I despise him so much!

I finally stormed out, far away from him as possible. I turned back to see him still standing there, waving at me, a wide smile on his face. He is so all over himself! I hate him, I just hate him. No argument needed.


Another thing is, I’m not going to Megan’s house, because I despise her too, same with the boy.


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